Stat test questions in multiple choice exams contain various types of questions. One of them are questions based on poems.  A poem or couplet is given and students are provided with various questions based on it. Students are required to read the given verses conscientiously and then focus on the stat test questions given pertinent to those verses. Each question if to be studied carefully after which the candidate should seek the best possible answer in the given four choices.

An example of the stat test questions faced by the students in a multiple choice stat exam, which are based on poems, is produced below. The poem produced here is on the value of a smile:

A smile costs nothing but gives so much. It enriches those who

receive without making poorer those who give.

It takes but a moment, but the memory of it sometime lasts forever.

None is so rich or mighty that he can get along without it.

A smile creates happiness in the home, fosters goodwill in

business, and is the countersign of friendship

It brings rest to the weary, cheer to the discouraged, sunshine to

the sad, and it is nature’s best antidote for trouble

Yes it cannot be bought, begged, borrowed or stolen, for it is

something that is of no value to anyone until it is given away.

Some people are too tired to give a smile. Give them one of

yours, as none need a smile so much as he who has none to give.

The variety of Stat test questions can be put forward for the students based on the above poem. It is therefore, necessary for the student to carefully understand the poem and the questions based on it. A sample of such questions is given below:

Question No. 1. The entire poem is based on the value of smile, which places emphasis on:

  1. Suspicions and qualms it brings to life.
  2. The contentment and ecstasy it brings to life.
  3. The feelings of trepidation and apprehension it brings.
  4. Commiseration for those who are deprived of it.

Question No. 2. The tone of the poem is:

  1. Bouncy
  2. Poignant
  3. Persuasive
  4. Stipulating

Question No. 3. It accentuates the fact that smile is:

  1. A tangible asset
  2. A monetary asset
  3. A liquid asset
  4. An intangible asset

Question No. 4. Verse 4 of the poem explains that a smile is a perfect remedy:

  1. To face the dilemmas of life
  2. For promoting business goodwill and achieving progress
  3. To increase the monetary wealth
  4. For passing the examinations with good grades

Question No. 5. The last verse of the poem states that:

  1. Smiling people are the most deprived ones in the world.
  2. People who smile frequently are quite wealthy.
  3. Individuals smiling more often are the ones who are in need of money.
  4. Those who do not smile frequently are deprived individuals.

These kinds of stat test questions are not very complicated and require some attention and understanding. The answers to all such questions are hidden in the given verses and can be easily extracted with little effort. The answer to the above given questions are provided below. Students can try answering them and compare their answers with those provided to analyze their performance.

Since the stat test is utilized by numerous institutions to select students for their tertiary courses, its transparency and integrity is of great importance for them. The Stat test has quite an effect on a candidate’s career and future. The results of this test decide their career path, and on the basis of those results they are offered or denied courses. Due to its high potential, the rules and regulations governing all aspects of this test are strictly designed and candidates are required to follow them precisely. They are responsible to have the right knowledge of those rules and ensure their compliance. They are also required to follow certain rules of conduct and should not display unethical behaviour. Some of these rules are listed below:

  • Certain necessary information is required by the candidates when registering for stat exam, which should be accurately provided by him. That information should not be deceptive or fake. The student is required to provide correct and clear information.
  • Students should not allow any other person to fake their identity and represent them in exam. The students registering for the stat test should himself appear in the exam.
  • Any person who is not personally registered for the exam should not sit in the exam on someone else’s behalf.
  • Students should not make an effort to penetrate the question paper to prepare for the stat test. Attempting to gain access of the exam questionnaire is an illegal activity and not permitted by the institute.
  • Any endeavour by the student to carry any disallowed material to the exam room is not permitted by the exam authorities. Students are not allowed to carry notes, papers, calculators and any other items to the exam room. A list of such prohibited items is provided in the information booklet.
  • Students are not allowed to leave the examination room with the test book, answer sheet or any part of them. They should not attempt to steal any such information.
  • Candidates are bound to abide by all the rules and instruction provided to them by the exam supervisor during the entire length of the stat test. They should adhere to the guidelines provided to them by the supervisor at all times during the exam.
  • Under no circumstances providing or asking for help during the exam is permitted. Students should not attempt to provide assistance to other candidates or force the supervisor to assist them in the test.
  • Causing disturbance in the examination room or at the test centre is also not tolerable. Candidates should keep away from doing that.

All the students appearing for the stat exam are bound to follow the ethical conduct prescribed by ACER. The violation of any of the prescribed rules and guidelines may result in the imposition of severe penalties on the students. The penalties may include cancellation of the student’s test paper or his/her registration altogether. It may also result in imposition of a ban on the student for appearing in the stat test in that particular year. The test centre supervisor reports the breaches to the coordinator of the stat admission centre, who accordingly forwards the information and the necessary action is taken against the candidate. Contravention of any of the rules and procedures can put the student’s future at risk; therefore, it is in their better interest to follow the notified rules and guidelines for displaying ethical behaviour at the test centre and during the exam.

The procedure of registration for the stat test is simple and easy. There are certain requirements, which the candidate must ensure to attempt the test. The exam centre, where the registration is applied by the students, sends him/her a notification letter, which contains necessary details of the testing session. The notification letter also bears the unique candidate number allotted to the candidate. This notification letter is the student’s proof of registration for the exam and should accompany them to the test centre on the day of stat test. It is required to be displayed when the student arrives at the test centre for the exam.

Along with the notification letter, students are also required to prove their identity and should possess a photo bearing identification with them. They are not allowed to take the stat test in the absence of such identification. The photo bearing identification may be his/ her passport, the driver’s license issued by Australian authorities, an age card bearing a photograph of the student or a Keypass card. All such identifications should be valid and current and should be authentic. The identification card is required to contain the student’s name, his/ her date of birth, signature and a recent photograph. The photograph should be embedded in the card and not be plastic-coated. A work place identity card of the candidate is only accepted as an alternate, if it fulfils the name, date of birth, signature and photograph requirements of the identification card.

The only way to obtain exception from the requirement of a photo-bearing identification card is a legal declaration stating that the student does not possess any of the required forms of identification. The legislative declaration should be endorsed by the witnesses to the declaration along with their signatures on the photograph of the candidate verifying it. The photograph should be a recent one and it should be easy to identify the candidate through that photograph. An old photograph is not accepted as an identification proof by the test centre. Students are allowed to bring their own necessary stationery items. The permitted stationery includes two pencils, eraser and a sharpener for pencils. Students attempting the written English stat test are also permitted to carry blue or black pens. The items allowed as per the rules and regulations of stat test, which are necessary for attempting the exam can be carried by the students to the exam centres.

All other items should be handed over to the authorized personnel at the exam centre and should not be taken to the examination room. The list of prohibited items includes all types of bags, purses, briefcases and crash helmets. All kinds of audio and video devices, with or without earphones are not allowed. Students cannot even carry their stationery in pencil cases. All forms of books, papers, notes or any sort of written material is cannot be carried to the examination room. All communication devices such as mobile phones and pagers cannot be taken by the candidates with them. The permitted stationery list excludes rulers from it. Students cannot even carry dictionaries or translators with them to attempt stat test. Electronic gaming devices are not allowed in the exam room. Even the use of calculators is not permitted during the exam. Candidates cannot bring along their pets with them at the time of exam. Students can carry their water bottles with them but any kind of eating material is not allowed. Further, smoking is also prohibited during the exam session. The necessary documents and stationery should accompany the students at test centres and they should have knowledge of allowed and prohibited items.

Quantitative reasoning forms one part of the stat test questions. Different versions of stat test comprises of various forms of questions, quantitative reasoning is one of those forms which concentrates to test a specific set of skills of the candidates undertaking stat exam. The common skills of individuals are tested in these exams and the knowledge of a particular subject is not tested. The Quantitative reasoning is based on scientific and mathematical data, but it does not examine the academic knowledge of students on these subjects. It tests the ability of individuals to analyse and correlate data provided in scientific and mathematical form.

The scientific and mathematical data is presented in the form of data tables, graphs, symbols and numbers etc. Students should be capable to understand all these forms so that they can perform well in the stat test and score good points. They should understand the symbolic and numeric data given to them and process the information as per the requirements of the stat test questions. The candidates are required to be well versed with graphical representations which includes simple and multiple bar diagrams, pie charts and polygraphs. Their familiarity with these will help him to grasp the information provided in the stat test and produce answers according to the requirements of the exam. The material provided in data tables may represent information inter related with each other requiring the candidates to identify the relation between them and construe results from that data.

The main objective of this form of stat test questions is to assess the student’s ability to interpret the information provided in various forms. The interpretation of such kind of information not only requires good absorbing skills but also the ability to decipher the hidden meaning of the data and fulfil the requirements put forward by the examiner. The candidate might need to utilize the information provided and infer results. The data in stat test questions may also be applied to a given set of circumstances to analyse its effects and draw conclusions accordingly. The data of a certain research may be given to the students in question form, requiring the students to unwind the data bundle and extract reasonable conclusions from them. The research data may also be provided with additional information, which can be used to make interpretations to be able to put forward the results.

The stat test questions also check the problem solving and decision making abilities of the students. Problem solving and decision making capability is of prime importance for the examiner because it reflects the student’s tendency to manage different situations and take necessary decisions. Different situations facing certain crises may be provided to them, hence requiring them to understand the underlying data and offer feasible solution for those situations. Solution oriented mind is the demand of examiner for scoring high points in this part of the exam. The students are also required to express their decision making ability. The material provided may provide the students with a situation with various possible solutions and require the candidate to wisely choose the best possible solution in the given circumstances. The choice of option by the student expresses his decision making capability. Decisions should be taken with prudence after carefully assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the various alternatives. An understanding of the hidden relationships among the data assists them to make better decisions which are most appropriate and efficient.

Stat Multiple Choice and STAT T & F are forms of stat test, which examine the students via multiple choice questions, half of which are based on verbal reasoning question. The candidates are expected to provide a verbal explanation of the questions provided in the paper. This part focuses on examination of the oral communication skills of the candidate. It emphasizes on the student’s ability to grab and process ideas and come up with unique solutions and explanations. It demands strong command on and knowledge of language and the ability to read between the lines and realise the requirements of the questions.

The Stat test based on verbal reasoning requires students to understand the ideas provided by the examiner and deal with the information accordingly. The information provided is not easy to understand and demands sharp grasping skills and clever sense of understanding. The student’s ability to absorb the given data and handle the requirements of the question is tested. Material provided may not be in simpler form and its interpretation might be expected. The student should understand the requirements of the stat test and be able to deliver according to the expectations of the examiner. Their exam performance should meet the targets, which the examiner expects to achieve from the exam.

The grasping of main idea of the material given in the stat test may be the requisite of the question demanding the student to provide precise summary of the passage. It requires them to identify the central idea of the passage and express it in concise words, which means that only the gist of the material provided is needed. Certain question might be based on words, whose meanings are to be figured out by the students. The test challenges the student’s skills to deduce the meanings hidden in the given material and come to solutions required by the exam paper. Rephrasing of given matter might be required from the students undertaking the exam, which expresses their aptitude for language proficiency.

The language used in the stat test for verbal reasoning might be complicated and directed to test the language expertise of the students. Comprehension and concept grabbing is one of the important components of this exam and the candidates are required to express their capabilities and command over the language and its technicalities. Uncomplicated and simple data might also be provided requiring appropriate handling of information and answering the questions with dexterity. The intellectual skills of the candidates are put to test in the stat exam to sort out the suitable students who possess required set of skills. The Stat test is all about rational and logical competence, and the students should polish these skills to score highest points.

The verbal part of the stat test is designed vigilantly to include all the necessary components in the exam and balance the proportion of different kinds of data and philosophies. It includes both theoretical and debatable issues and has a fair representation of both objective and subjective information. Hence, the students should focus their preparation on all the parts of verbal speech and work hard to gain necessary knowledge of all these parts. Since different kinds of material and question types are proportionately embedded in the questionnaire, students are not left with any choice to limit their preparation to any particular data or question type. An evenly distributed paper requires equal attention on all the aspects of the exam to maximize their scores.

The Australian Council of Educational Research has designed the Special Tertiary Admission Test. An expert team of professionals at ACER, who have the necessary knowledge and skills design stat test questions. The council carefully selects the paper-setting panel and the test development procedure is strictly designed. All the test questions are thoroughly scrutinized and analyzed by the panel and are finalized after due consideration. All stat test questions are pre tested by the panel of test writers under the exam conditions and then finalized by them. Along with the content of questions, their style and timing is also well thought-out by the test writers to make sure that the questions are fairly designed.

The material/ data of stat test questions is properly analyzed to detect any material, which affects the religious beliefs of people. It is ensured that the test questions do not reflect religious, cultural or gender biasness and are based on fair and reliable data. The review of test questions is done repeatedly to identify any weaknesses or lacking, which was not identified previously. The entire test data is compared with the statistical analysis on the performance of candidates on those questions. The necessary changes are made to the questions according to the feedback of performance on them. The feasibility of the test questions is assessed by the test writers to check that it would be possible for the students to complete the paper in the given time.

The relevance of data and material of the test questions is checked to ensure that the exam does not target unrelated skills. The exam is general in nature and hence does not require testing of any specific skills. The common knowledge tested by the exam needs to be relevant for the requirements of different institutes and universities utilizing it for their admission process. The test writers thoroughly check the test questions for their relevance and validate that they fulfill the purpose of exam.

Research is conducted to analyze the progress of students who have earlier passed the tests and on the basis of their academic advancements new question papers are designed. With the help of relevant universities and the feedback on the quality of students who have scored well in stat test questions, improvements are made to the test questions. The information regarding the resident country of the candidates appearing for test and the length of time they have spent in Australia is also useful for the test data research and is hunted for by the Council. Space is provided in the answer sheets for the students to provide information regarding their home country, but this information is voluntary and it is not necessary to provide such information. The institute provides assurance regarding the privacy of the information provided.

The Council designs the stat test questions with utmost care to ensure its effectiveness. It ensures the transparency of the process and makes all necessary efforts to improve the quality of the exam. The panel of writers selected by the council comprises of skilled people who are proficient in the relevant knowledge and possess requisite skills. The entire process of setting exam questionnaire is monitored and under no circumstances the integrity of the exam paper is compromised. As the exam is used by multiple universities and institutes, its credibility is given due importance by them and the council strives hard to substantiate it.

One of the three different styles of stat test is the written English test. The written English stat test is required by a few institutions and has the shortest time duration among its three versions. Some institutes require the candidates to take both STAT written English in addition to the other version of stat. The test is composed of two questions, both of which require essay writing. Candidates are expected to write two essays, one personal and the other one argumentative. The time duration provided for both the essays is flat one hour, with an addition of five minutes for reading the questions. There is no defined criterion, regarding the length of essays; hence, the students fairly have thirty minutes to brain storm, plan and write on each of the given essay topic. Since the time is very limited, the candidates should have ample knowledge and research on various subjects and be ready to express it appropriately and efficiently.

A Stat test of written English focuses on the quality of ideas brought forward in response to the given subject. The creativity and uniqueness of the idea and the thought reflected in the piece of writing is given due consideration. The interpretation of the theme and the ideas put forward to explain the topic is different for every individual which clearly reflect their perspective of the situation. It also reflects the ability of their minds to explore and grasp the given information. The interpretation of the topic by an individual reveals his mental maturity and the capability to understand the requirements of the examiner. It shows how he manages to handle the question and the kind and quality of information he can come up with.

Writing is not just about putting forward amazing ideas and thoughts. It also reveals the candidate’s ability to organize and compose his thoughts in an appealing way. The sentence structure and arrangement of ideas is a very important factor which is considered by the examiners, marking the candidate’s scores for the written English stat test. The proficiency with which the entire content is put together is one of the important factors analyzed by the examiners and plays a vital role in getting good scores. It should be ensured that the entire piece of writing has synchronized thoughts and does not contain untied threads of ideas. The entire content should be carefully fabricated leaving no ambiguity and vagueness. The essay should be free of grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors and should be fluent having a smooth flow of ideas. Candidates are required to be well versed with the rules of the language and their piece of writing shall comply with all those rules.

The choice of words and language is also very important while attempting stat test. It is one of the important assessment criteria and is given due priority. A high-quality idea expressed in poor-quality words is of no use. This requires the candidate to have a decent vocabulary bank. The wrong choice of words can spoil the brilliance of thought. Not only the choice of words but their placement and usage is also very crucial and affects the overall quality of the essay. The timing of words should be most appropriate and they should be carefully chosen according to the context of writing. Candidates are required to work hard to present the best ideas with carefully chosen words placed appropriately and the write up should sound like a perfectly tailored piece of writing

A Stat test is available in three different versions, testing different sets of skills. Different institutions require different versions as an aptitude test for students. The three versions of stat tests namely, STAT multiple Choice, STAT written English and STAT T & STAT F, consists of different set of questions testing multiple skills of the candidate. Each of these versions is designed to address the different requirements of various courses. . All three versions have different usages and are selected by the university requiring it. The timings and question bank for all of them are different and are separately designed according to the requirements of each test. The candidates preparing for the Stat test should find out the version required by the institute where he/she wishes to apply for admission. The questions in the STAT multiple choice, STAT T and STAT F consist of verbal and quantitative reasoning; whereas, in STAT English writing skills of the candidates are tested.

STAT Multiple Choice is a two-hour test with an additional ten minutes for reading the question paper. It comprises of 70 multiple-choice questions, half of which require verbal reasoning and the other half require quantitative reasoning.  Numerous students who register themselves through the tertiary admission centers undertake it. STAT T and STAT F have the same two-hour exam time duration and an additional ten minutes for paper reading. The structure of the exam paper is the same as that of STAT Multiple Choice. But it is not widely used; few candidates who apply to the institution directly are required to sit in this exam. STAT Written English is a one-hour exam and an additional five minutes are provided to the students for reading the questions. Few institutions require it and some require it in addition to STAT Multiple Choice.

Verbal Reasoning

It tests the understanding and comprehension skills of the students. Students may be required to grasp the main idea or summary of the given data or even interpret phrases and words. It is directed to check the analytical skills of the student and the ability to cope with different levels of language. The data provided might be in complex and high level language, and it requires the understanding skills of the students are supposed to be at work. Some questions are composed of basic language structure as well, testing the analyzing and organizing skills of the candidate along with the ability to reach to appropriate conclusions.

Quantitative Reasoning

The quantitative reasoning in stat tests focus on the student’s ability to apply the available information and draw results. Basic mathematical and scientific data might be provided in graphical, symbolic or numeric form which is easy to understand. Candidates are required to translate the information provided to them and apply it accordingly. Quantitative reasoning in the stat test is targeted to check the aptitude of the students to decipher the relationship in data and figure out the best possible results out of it. Decision making skills of the candidate are very important and are thoroughly tested in this exam.

Written English

Stat written English exam is designed so as to assess the capability of the students to communicate their ideas in writing. It checks the efficiency by which the thoughts are communicated and the choice of words. It is nothing but a pure game of words. The students are assessed on the basis of quality of their writing. It does not only judge the quality of words or ideas used, but also the proficiency with which the ideas are presented.

A comprehensive introduction and information about the stat test also known as special tertiary admission test can be obtained from the candidate information booklet. This booklet is published by the Australian council of Educational Research (ACER) to facilitate the students and make it easier for them to prepare for the stat test. It is easily available online and is free of cost. It is a complete package of the basic information regarding all the important aspects of the test. It answers all the preliminary questions of the students and provides them a precise direction to prepare for the test.

It describes the fundamentals of the stat test and explains that by whom and under what circumstances the students are required to undertake it. It illustrates the skills tested by exam and informs the students regarding the abilities they are expected to demonstrate. It briefly explains the requirements of all the three different kinds of questions used in the exam. Verbal and quantitative reasoning questions are based on different requirements whereas; the written English exam has another set of requirements. The information booklet clarifies all these requirements and guides the students to put in the right efforts for the test.

The preparation guideline and the dos and don’ts of the preparation are also provided in the information booklet. It lists down the rules, which are required to be followed by the students while answering the exam test questions. It describes the general strategies, which enable the students to score maximum points in the stat test. It also provides specific tactics for the verbal, quantitative and the English exam of stat. Tips for all the areas of the exam are covered in this information booklet in a precise form and it helps the students to get the basic idea for starting their preparation for the exam. This booklet acts as a foundation and gives a program of study to the students after which they can refer to various other books and attend test preparation workshops.

The information booklet includes a few sample questions to help the students to understand the kind of questions they are supposed to come across while attempting the exam. There is another collection of such questions called The Sample Collection of Questions. The Sample Collection of Questions is a compilation of the past papers of stat test, which is only available with the ACER and is not provided to any institute facilitating the preparation of this test. It is published by ACER and unlike candidate information booklet it has to be purchased on payment of the prescribed amount. The order form is available with the information booklet and the book can also be ordered online to save purchase time and efforts.

The booklet also directs the students about the registration procedure for the test and provides a list of the necessary items, which should accompany the student to the test center. It informs the candidates regarding the important requisites of the stat test and warns them as regards the consequences of not being able to produce the necessary documents. It also notifies the students about the acts, which are considered to be unethical and can lead to imposition of penalties on them. The result scoring system of stat test is also explained in the information booklet, which helps the students to understand and interpret the meaning of their results. It guides them to analyze the level of their performance and comprehend their true skills.

The Special Tertiary Admission Test is an academic aptitude test commonly known as STAT. Stat test is used by many institutions in Australia as a means of filtering students for admission and its clearance is one of the eligibility criteria to consider them for offering different courses. As it is a part of admission procedure, the selection of students for different courses is made on the basis of the results of stat test together with other necessary information. It is designed by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) and the administration part is taken care of by the central tertiary admissions centre in each state, territory and the University of Tasmania separately. It is carefully designed and includes all necessary factors which are required to be assessed in candidates planning to pursue specialized courses.

A number of institutions in Australia have made it mandatory for the students seeking admission to undertake this Stat test.  The Stat test is especially designed to evaluate the aptitude of students in various areas which are crucial for success in tertiary courses. Stat test questions are based on general knowledge and exam paper is composed of material from various common sources. The test is not directed to test knowledge of candidates for specific areas but is focused on assessments of general skills. The objective of this test is to analyze the comprehension and analytical skills of the candidates and not to test knowledge and experience on specific academics subjects only. Students are required to examine the material provided, contemplate the effects of situations and provide quality output.

A Stat test is not at all complicated and does not require proficiency in any specific course. The students need not to freak out and worry to attempt it. Its preparation is simple and straightforward which, requires common knowledge and skills. The preparation guidelines are available in the candidate handbook, which is easily available for students. It also provides a sample of test questions, which help the students to prepare for the exam. Proper time and focus are the key factors, which can help the student to score maximum points in the exam. The candidate is required to understand the requirements of the examiner and answer the questions accordingly. The student should prepare for the test according to the needs of the examiner and should work on sharpening the skills tested in these tests.

Stat test is carefully constructed to test the analytical expertise of the candidates. It is an all-purpose exam and is based on inspiring material from a wide range of common resources. Moreover, it checks the interpretation skills of the students and the ability to comprehend the given material. It requires deciphering words, phrases and representing ideas in a sequential and logical manner. Students command over language is of crucial importance forgetting high scores in this exam. Their selection is dependent on their scores of this test and therefore, they need to work hard to score optimum points. The different versions of stat test are made compulsory by different institutes depending on their admission requirements. Each version s designed separately suiting different situations and requirements.

Stat test is a technical test and requires proficiency in language and some other basic skills. The test is composed of data having a broad-spectrum and has high level of integrity associated to it. Suitable efforts in right and proper direction for the exam preparation may lead the students towards extraordinary results.