Essay writing is a delicate art and is a good substitute for a best talk. Essays in the Stat test for written English should be well written and organized. An essay reflects a writer’s perception and point of view on the subject and expresses the thoughts of the writer. Essays are of different types and can be written in a variety of ways. These include narrative, descriptive and reflective essays. Descriptive essays generally describe a particular event, person or some other specific thing. They are normally written in past tense and are easy to write. Narrative essays narrate a story or a series of events as if presenting a commentary. Reflective essays need serious thinking and are based on imaginary thoughts. Their quality depends on the imagination power of the writer.

Since different prompts are provided to the student on the given essay topic, candidate is required to select one or more prompts for his piece of writing. Once the selection is made he should start with the brainstorming. Brainstorming is a very good technique to collect the ideas one has in mind on a specific topic.  For brainstorming you need to write the main idea of your essay and start writing all the random words that come to mind pertaining to that topic. For instance, if the topic is based on friends, the following depicts a brief brainstorming on it:


Fun, Studies, Secrets, Gift of God, A friend in need is a friend indeed, Life

After brainstorming one is required to select the ideas which seem to be appropriate and sound relevant to the essay prompts. Students should strive hard to acquire knowledge and information on various topics to increase their knowledge bank. Reading material from books and internet will help them to expand their knowledge base. This information will help them in brainstorming part and they will be able to produce exciting and different ideas in response to the given topic. Every person has a different approach towards a given topic and this approach of student reflects his ability and skills he has acquired and the perception he has towards life.

Now comes the point when the students should organize his/ her ideas, which he has collected as a result of brainstorming, in a logical and presentable form. The organization of ideas is very important and there should be a basis, which the students should follow. All this is a part of essay planning and only after completely planning the essay one should start writing the essay. It is advisable to explain different points and ideas in different paragraphs. The essay should be free of grammatical errors and should be in accordance with the rules of language. The choice of words in the essay should be wise and extraordinary.

The essay is normally divided into three parts namely, introduction, body and conclusion. The introduction part contains a brief description of the topic, explaining it in plain words. It is followed by the body, which contains the main matter. The points and ideas finalized during the planning of essay are rationalized and explained in an organized form. Each point should be put forward with solid reasoning and the words should be wisely used to express ideas. The clarity of thoughts should be ensured and the candidate should appropriately defend his point of view on the topic. The closing seal on the essay is placed via a conclusion paragraph at the end of essay. It should sum up the ideas and thoughts presented in the essay and give a final word on it.

Stat test consists of a variety of different types of questions. Each type of questions is specially designed to test some specific skills of the students. Multiple choice stat test questions that are based on poems and verses require the candidates to understand the context of the poem and accordingly provide answers. The given poem is based emphasizes on the value of a smile. It is a very simple poem and does not require proficiency in poetry. A brief explanation on the correct answer choices is given in this expose.

The first question requires the candidate to identify the purpose highlighted in the poetry. The various answer choices given provide the possible basis of the poem. The answer choices also include some challenging vocabulary testing of the candidate. A careful reading of the poem reflects that the poet has emphasized on the effects of smile on one’s life. The poetry has a positive tone, hence, the student can rule out the possibility of the choices that are based on negative effects. This leaves the candidate with choice B, which says that smile brings joy and satisfaction to life.

Question number two requires the student to identify the tone of the poem. This necessitates an attentive and inquisitive reading of the given poetry. The student should try to understand the framework of the given poem. A poem may contain various comments but the basic tone of the poetry is different from those. It is a challenge for the student to identify the correct tone of the poetry. The entire poem convinces the readers to understand the value of smile and use it often to derive its benefits. This indicates that the tone of the poem is persuasive, which means option C marks the correct answer to the question.

Everyone knows that smile is a treasure and the same fact is emphasized by the given poem. Question 3 of the sample inquires candidate to identify the kind of asset smile is. Student may readily identify that smile is not something directly related to money and can easily discard the option signifying smile in monetary terms. After ruling out option B and C, we are left with two options. A tangible asset is something which has its physical presence and can be exchanged or utilized in physical form. Intangible being the opposite of tangible means something which we cannot get hold of. Since smile is one such treasure, option D is the correct answer to this question.

Question number four is based on the fourth verse of the poem. A translation of the said verse explains the optimistic drive brought up by smile. It says that it refreshed a tired person, encourages people who are dishearten, cheers up the saddened people and is the best medicine and cure for all diseases and troubles. This translation reveals that smile is a complete package to deal with all the problems of life and hence option A of the given answers best suits the question.

The last question is base on the last verse of the poem, which encourages people to share a beautiful smile with everyone and says that those who do not possess it are in most need of it. It puts down that people who do not smile have something important missing out from their life. This explanation can easily select option D to be the correct answer for the given question.

The answers for all the questions were embedded in the given poetry and a little effort in right direction can help the individuals to succeed in their efforts.

The stat written English exam requires essay writing from students. Stat test questions of written English stat test consist of four essay prompts on each of the two different topics. Students are required to choose one or more of the given essay prompts and writer their essays on it in the given time duration of one hour. They should give the number of essay prompts they are using and not use all the essay prompts. One topic for the essay prompts is based on informal essays and the other one for formal and argumentative. Few essay prompts on various informal topics are provided below, which can help the students to prepare to attempt the informal essays. They can choose one or more, but not all of the prompts in one question and write their essays on the basis of and using those essay prompts.

Question No. 1.

Prompt 1. Drinking plenty of water keeps a person healthy and fresh and helps the body mechanism to work smoothly.

Prompt 2. Making fruits and vegetables a part of daily routine enables the individual to draw the requisite nutrient requirements of the body and live healthy.

Prompt 3. Exercising adds value to life and body and increases life span of the body.

Prompt 4. Inadequate sleep causes sluggishness and negatively affects health. Fulfilling the daily sleep requirement keeps a person healthy.

Question No. 2.

Prompt 1. Books are man’s best mates and are always ready to help and provide guidance in times of need.

Prompt 2. Reading books is a wonderful and valuable hobby and pass time and is very useful to improve intellect.

Prompt 3. Even after many advancements and presence of a variety of sources, books are the unsurpassed source of knowledge and education.

Prompt 4. Book is a powerful device and has the ability to transform lives and can be used to learn the rules of life.

Question No. 3.

Prompt 1. Superstitions have evolved due to the fear of unknown embedded in people and does not have any authentic history.

Prompt 2. Assume that you experienced a black cat crossing your path while coming to take the test. What will be your reaction?

Prompt 3. People who believe in superstitions often come into contact with them and those who do not believe them to be true mostly never experience them.

Prompt 4. Spilling of milk is an indication of misfortune coming your way.

Question No. 4.

Prompt 1. Beauty with brains is a breathtaking combination and can do wonders.

Prompt 2. Beauty is a reflection of the nature’s magnificence and represents the majesty and splendor of Mother Nature.

Prompt 3. Beauty lies in the heart of beholder. Everyone has his own definition and perception of beauty.

Prompt 4. Beauty resides in a person’s heart. People with beautiful heart are better than people having physical beauty.

Question No. 5.

Prompt 1. Flowers indicate happiness and cheerfulness. People use flowers to express their delight and ecstasy.

Prompt 2. Nature has bestowed us with flowers which are one of the beautiful gifts of nature and represent the splendor and beauty of nature.

Prompt 3. Flowers are used as a sign of expressing love and affection. They are without any doubt the most beautiful gifts for loved ones.

Prompt 4. Children are as stunning, lovely and pure as flowers and give the same pleasant feelings as flowers.

Writing skills of the candidates are tested in the stats written English exam. One part of the exam consists of stat test questions based on essay prompts on a formal topic. Student can use any or more essay prompt to write their essay, but cannot use all four prompts in one essay. The formal topics of essays are argumentative and based on social and economic issues. Student should practice well before appearing in the stat exams and try to attempt maximum questions on variety of topics. This will help them to open their minds and write easily on any topic given to them in stat test questions. Several questions having essay prompts are given below which can help the students to practice and prepare for the stat test. Students can try them and have them checked by someone to get a feedback on their performance.

Question No. 1.

Prompt 1. Culture signifies a nation and represents the beliefs the values of a nation

Prompt 2. The cultural values of a nation reveal the glorious history of a nation and narrate the story of its evolution.

Prompt 3. Fashion evolves from a combination and merger of different cultures and traditions.

Prompt 4. People connecting to the same cultural background get along well with each other; hence, culture can unite people and strengthen their bonds.

Question No. 2.

Prompt 1. Student life is the most important learning period of the life of an individual and helps him to formulate his own view of life.

Prompt 2. Student life is the period which decides the student’s future outlook of life.

Prompt 3. Good habits, moral and ethical values are embedded in an individual during his student life and it is an era when he adopts his personal set of values.

Prompt 4. Student life is a struggling period of an individual’s life, which makes him tough and prepares him to accept the challenges of life.

Question No. 3.

Prompt 1. Today’s youth is a generation having an aggressive attitude towards life and its challenges.

Prompt 2. The economic and social problems of present day era have a devastating effect on today’s youth making them a tense generation.

Prompt 3. The modern world has undergone numerous changes since olden days, creating a wide generation gap between the old generation and today’s youth.

Prompt 4. Today’s youth does not easily accept old traditions and customs and want to either innovate or discard them.

Question No. 4.

Prompt 1. Pollution is a destruction force, destroying the beauty of nature and environment and is leading the world towards a disaster.

Prompt 2. Various chronic diseases are a result of polluted environment, which is the dilemma of the current era.

Prompt 3. Global warming is a result of pollution and its intensity is increasing with every passing day.

Prompt 4. Pollution is a giant tree having various branches over shadowing almost every part of life and creating nuisance for mankind.

Question No. 5.

Prompt 1. The choice of a career path enables a person to determine his future prospects and life.

Prompt 2. Career should be selected in accordance with the goals and ambitions of oneself. It should be aspiring so that it brings improvement to life.

Prompt 3. A wrong selection of career may destroy the life of an individual and produce negative effects in his life

Prompt 4. Career of an individual has an indirect effect on society; therefore, it should be pursued with true zeal and passion.

When planning to start study, student always face a problem, which is “how to study?” Preparations for stat study begin with the same questions. Stat multiple choices pertaining to quantitative reasoning require some specific strategies. Some of such tips, which can help students to improve their stat study plan, are produced here.

1 Revising strategy

It is very important to have revision material handy for the last day. Throughout the preparation time, students should prepare their revision strategy, so that they can revisit the important points. Revision material should be precise enough, just to help them recall their overall preparation and should be handy so that it doesn’t require much time.

2 Find out Strengths and weaknesses

Students should identify their strong and weak areas and allocate time and attention to different areas of exam during stat study according to it. Improper allocation of time may cause wastage of time. Due to this they cannot spend time on important areas where students are required to work hard and unnecessary time may be utilized in areas where student is proficient.

3 Know your effective time of the day

Everyone is most active and energized at a particular time of the day, which is actually the best time to study. Some students find it effective to study with fresh mind in the morning; others find peace in night study. Student should be aware of his most effective time of the day and accordingly plan out their stat study.

4 Manual calculation

Since the use of calculators is prohibited in the stat exam, the students may be required to do some manual calculation work. Due to scarcity of time candidate should be quick and swift in manual calculation. While preparing to face stat test students should practice to improve and increase pace of their manual calculation.

5 Fair knowledge of symbols

The Quantitative reasoning exam of stat includes questions based on symbols and different scientific and mathematical expressions. Students should make sure that they are familiar with the common symbols and representations.

6 Understand links between data

Data provided to the students may have hidden relationships requiring the students to identify then and accordingly answer the questions. Student should learn to understand and identify them easily. This will help them to link data and come to right conclusions in the least possible time.

7 Grip on graphical representations

Graphical representations can be of various types and presented in the form of questions. Students are required to practice and learn all the common and major representation forms and be able to extract information from them. The stat study plan should contain a list of graphical representations student is required to learn and the sources to find study material on them.

8 Learn to interpret data

Questions in stat test paper and based on information and data provided to the students. They are required to interpret the given information and then produce or select answers for the given questions. They should practice from various sources to interpret data correctly.

9 Problem solving

Problem solving is a very important skill tested by the stat test. Various situations may be provided to the students may be provided to the students with certain set of troubles. Students are required to identify a suitable solution for the situation given.

10 Decision making skills

Various options for a situation are given to the students. During stat study students should learn to analyze the pros and cons of the given option and its effect on the given situation. After careful analysis one option is to be chosen, this should represent the best decision for it.

When starting stat study for stat multiple choice exams students are required to follow certain tips, so that they can ensure better performance in exams. Stat multiple choices consists of several answer choices for each question out which one right answer is to be chosen by the students. The verbal reasoning part of stat test questions focus on testing of some specific skills of the candidates. Few tips to prepare for verbal reasoning questions are provided below, which might prove to be quite helpful for the students during stat study. They will also lead the students towards better and high scores in stat exams.

1 Go through some study guide

Before starting to plan for stat study student should go through some study guidelines for the instructions and the material they are required to study. This will give them a rough sketch of the kinds of questions they will come across. A guideline for study will help them to plan out their study schedule.

2 Draft a Study Plan

Planning is a very crucial stage for preparing for exams. It helps the student to make sure that appropriate study time is allocated to all the necessary elements and parts are of the exam. Students can allocate more time for their weak areas so that they prepare just right to face stat test.

3 Practice

As it is said that practice makes a man perfect, students should practice well for the test. Practicing material is easily available and candidates should practice enough for all parts of the exam. The stat study plan should have ample time allotted for practicing questions.

4 Increase vocabulary

The stat multiple choice questions may test the word power of the students. The students should, therefore, work hard towards increasing their vocabulary bank. This will also help the students in their written English exam for drafting essays.

5 Learn to read with concentration

Student should practice and learn to read the given material and questions with concentration. They should not answer the questions in haste without appropriately understanding and reading the questions and the provided material.

6 Brush up comprehension skills

Stat multiple choices also test the comprehension skills of the candidates. Students should include in their stat study plan for practicing and improvement of comprehension skills. They are given different passages and questions are put forward based on those passages. Proper understanding of the passage will lead the student to answer the question correctly.

7 Time management

Limited time is provided to the students to complete the question paper. They should learn to manage their time and allocate equal time for all the answers to gain maximum score. Certain questions may require more time margin for such questions should be kept aside as a cushion.

8 Learn to dig out answers from material provided

Student should practice and learn to find out their required answers from the material provided. This requires practicing on various kinds of material and the ability to identify the answers hidden in the given passage.

9 Deciphering verses

Certain questions in the stat multiple choices are based on verses. This requires the candidate to be able to translate the verses so that they can answer the questions provided to them.

10 Sleep well

The study plan of the students should have incorporate relaxation and sleep breaks. The stat study timetable should allow the students to sleep well so that they can study with a fresh mind.

Stat written English exam requires candidates to write two essays in the allotted time. The essay topic is given in the form of several essay prompts on a certain topic. During Stat Study students should work hard to prepare themselves for facing the exam. Normally, the questions paper contains four essay prompts on a topic. Students are required to select one of the given prompt on each of the two essays and write their essay. Some of the Stat study tips for stat written English test are produced below to facilitate the students in their preparation.

1 Attempt essay prompts for practice

Practice is the key to success. The more you practice, better will be your result. Since the students are provided with essay prompts for attempting their essays. Candidates should practice on the sample essay prompts provided in the information booklet, sample questions books. Practicing will bring some improvement in the candidate’s writing skills.

2 Solve under exam conditions

A number of students get nervous when they face the question paper in exam. During Stat study students should try to cure their exam phobia by solving sample test questions under exam conditions. You can ask someone to choose your questions or set exam paper for you and try to attempt it in one hour time without taking breaks.

3 Ask someone to check

Students may not be able to find out their own mistakes; therefore, they should ask someone else who has a better grip on the subject to check their piece of writing for them. An opinion from a different person may help them to have an independent and unbiased point of view on the subject and their writing style and material. This will help them to identify their weaknesses and work on the weak points for improvement and scoring optimum points in stat test.

4 Select variety of topics

The stat study of students should include practice on a various topics. The diversity in essay theme will increase their knowledge and will help them to get better at their writing skills.

5        Re read written material after some days

Having a second look at the written essay after few days will enable the students to spot out their own mistakes. A change in the state of mind after few days will provide them with a different view on the written essay.

6 Learn to brain storm

Brain storming is the first and very crucial step for writing essays. It helps the students to plan out their essay structure and organize ideas properly.

7 Be realistic as regards the length of essay

Examiners are aware of the duration of the exam and do not candidates to produce exceptionally extensive piece of writing. Quality of the material should be of more importance to the candidates. Hence, during stat study candidates should prepare for essay writing in a realistic time frame.

8 Improve drafting skills

Student should work hard and work on their drafting skills. They should get their writing skills analyzed and then plan accordingly to prepare for attempting the paper. The choice of courses should be in accordance with the student’s requirement for improvement in writing.

9 Acquire general knowledge

Enhancement of general knowledge and information regarding various topics is necessary for the students during stat study. They should acquire relevant information from different sources to prepare for the exam.

10 Learn sentence structure

The essays should be free of grammatical and should comply with the language rules. Students should strengthen their language skills and learn syntax rules.

It is very important for the students to prepare a line of attack to face the stat test questions. Planning is a very crucial part of preparing for and attempting special tertiary admission test. It is said that something which is appropriately planned is considered to be half done. This means, that fifty percent of the goal is achieved when an approach to face it is finalized. Similarly, students should formulate a strategy to answer the stat test questions to secure their future by scoring good points. Few points, which should be taken to consideration for devising a plan for attempting stat test, are explicated in this piece of writing. These will help the students to score optimum score in stat test questions.

The time duration for completing stat paper is limited and defined. Candidates are required to complete the paper in the allotted time. Therefore, it is advisable for the students to divide the time equally for all the questions and do not spend excess time unnecessarily on any one question. Excessive time on any one question may reduce time for the remaining questions, which may lead to loss of points as the other questions will not get necessary time and attention. The exam is divided into several units, having some stimulus material. Students are advised to read the material provided considerately before proceeding to start answering the stat test questions. The material may be helpful for the students and it may reduce the complication of the question, simplifying it for the student. Attentive reading and concentration is the key to read and understand the exam material and student should read and understand each and every word provided to him in the exam paper.

In a multiple choice exam, each stat test question is accompanied with few answers. The candidate undertaking the exam is required to choose one of the answers provided, which according to him is the right answer to the question. The answers provided may be closely related and may create confusion for the student while selection one out of them. Student should consider every answer closely and analyze its precision as regards to the question and then accordingly select the most appropriate option out of them. Students should avoid answering the questions without considering all the options provided. More than one solution may sound to be correct and hence the accurate one should be chosen out of them. Some questions may have options which have a farfetched chance of being a possible choice. Students should make sure to mark such options and do not consider them at all when sorting out an answer.

Most of the times, students are not confidant with the answers to some questions, but have an uncertain choice of answer for that question. In such cases, it is prudent of them to mark their choice and proceed to the next question. Since, there is no negative marking for stat tests, the uncertain answers will not cause them to lose points. This strategy can add bonus points to their score, if they run out of time during the stat test and their chosen option turns out to be correct. Students can also make wild guesses for answering questions they are not prepared to or are unable to answer. Choosing a likely option if in doubt or making a random choice when unable to figure out the perfect opens the door of hope for the student to get an additional benefit out of luck.

Securing optimum scores in an exam is the ultimate target of every student, so is that of students undertaking stat test questions. In addition to the necessary knowledge, which the candidate is supposed to possess to answer the stat test questions with, there are certain other factors which should be kept in mind. This can also be termed as the art of answering examination. Candidates are not only required to prove their knowledge but also to present it in a presentable form.

The stat test questions in the stat multiple choice exam consist of questions having four possible answers for each of them. The students are required to choose the option they consider to be correct for the question given. The answer sheet for stat multiple choice tests is specially designed and contains a listing of all the questions from one to seventy, since the stat multiple choice consists of 70 questions. Next to each number four letters A, B C, and D representing the answer choices are printed. Each letter is surrounded by a small oval. The students are supposed to fill the oval by circling the letter, which represents their choice of answer. The oval filled by the candidate indicates his/her answer choice to be considered for the marking of his/her test score.

This special design of answer sheets for stat test questions helps to ensure the transparency of the marking process. The answer sheets are not manually examined by a human being; they are scanned by an optical scanner. The machine scans the answer sheets and records the shaded ovals as the prospective answers of the candidates on the given questions. The score of the candidate is calculated in accordance with the results of scanning. Since, the shaded oval is the final answer of the candidate, he/she should be careful while marking the answer.

There are certain factors which should be taken into consideration by the candidate, when marking their answer in the answer sheet. The most important of all is the use of a quality pencil. It is advisable that the students should use a B, 2B or HB pencil for answering the stat test questions. Candidates should not use an ink pen or a ball point pen, because the marks of ink and ball point pen are not easily removable and do not display a neat and tidy paper. The students after marking a certain answer may realize it to be wrong and wish to change their choice. They may also want to change answers while reviewing their answer sheet. This requires a good quality eraser, which can perfectly erase their previous choice. The questions having double answer choices are disregarded by the optical scanner. Hence, the candidates should make sure that when they intend to change an answer they erase their previous choice absolutely. A good quality eraser will not leave marks of the previous choice, or else such questions might not be considered for marking when scanned for checking.

Markings by the candidates outside the defined areas may also cause problems in scanning of answer sheets. As the scanning is performed by an optical scanner, the unnecessary marks may cause incorrect marking of their answers which can have a negative effect on the candidate’s stat test score. Students are also prohibited to fold or tear any part of their answer sheet. This small piece of information can have a material effect on the student’s score of the stat test.

Most of the students in every single corner of the world freak out when attempting any exam, so is the case with the students preparing for stat test questions. Like all other multiple choice exams, students are provided with several choices for each of the stat test questions. Students are required to choose the option they consider to be correct. There are several tips which the student should bear in mind when attempting the stat multiple choice exam. Some of these are described here, which can prove to be helpful for the students and lead them to increase their score in the exam.

Students are provided with a booklet containing stat test questions and an answer sheet along with it. Students are not allowed to mark answers on the answer booklet. Students should mark their choice of answers on the answer booklet provided to them. Students can do the rough work pertaining to the questions on the question booklet. Margins are available on the question booklet which can be used by the students for their rough work. They are not allowed to carry or use a scrap paper for the purpose of their rough work. Students should do the necessary calculations or rough work in the margins of test book to ensure that their choice of answer is appropriate. They should consider all the given options and be confident on their choice of answer.

All the Stat test questions provided in the test booklet carry equal marks. The students are advised to answer maximum questions to gain an optimum score in the exam. Since the exam time is limited they can divide their time equally and try to complete as many questions as possible. They can also focus on answering the easier questions first and then attempting the questions which require more consideration and time. The priority setting and management of time is very important for scoring good points in stat test. Students should carefully plan out their strategy for attempting questions. Since the allocation of marks is equal for all stat test questions, it is sensible for a student to safe box the questions he/she thinks can be perfectly answered by him/her. And then, proceed towards working on the other questions. This will help him/her to pocket maximum marks.

There is no negative scoring rule in the stat exam, which means that marks are not deducted for answering any question wrongly. This provides students with a free field to play their innings on the examination wicket. They need not worry about the answers they are not sure of and can attempt all the questions without the fear of losing scored points. Their correct answers will not have to pay the cost of their wrong answers; hence, they can take the risk and make wild guesses for answering questions they have no clue of. Students are required to carefully consider all the given options for a question and after detailed deliberation, mark their choice of answer. They should not mark multiple choices on the answer sheet. Examiner will not consider marking the question which contains more than one choice of answers. Therefore, the student should select only one answer for each of the stat test questions.

These tips although minute in nature may have a considerable effect on the stat test score of the candidate. They can assist to get a better score only if borne in mind while answering the exam.