Essay writing is a delicate art and is a good substitute for a best talk. Essays in the Stat test for written English should be well written and organized. An essay reflects a writer’s perception and point of view on the subject and expresses the thoughts of the writer. Essays are of different types and can be written in a variety of ways. These include narrative, descriptive and reflective essays. Descriptive essays generally describe a particular event, person or some other specific thing. They are normally written in past tense and are easy to write. Narrative essays narrate a story or a series of events as if presenting a commentary. Reflective essays need serious thinking and are based on imaginary thoughts. Their quality depends on the imagination power of the writer.

Since different prompts are provided to the student on the given essay topic, candidate is required to select one or more prompts for his piece of writing. Once the selection is made he should start with the brainstorming. Brainstorming is a very good technique to collect the ideas one has in mind on a specific topic.  For brainstorming you need to write the main idea of your essay and start writing all the random words that come to mind pertaining to that topic. For instance, if the topic is based on friends, the following depicts a brief brainstorming on it:


Fun, Studies, Secrets, Gift of God, A friend in need is a friend indeed, Life

After brainstorming one is required to select the ideas which seem to be appropriate and sound relevant to the essay prompts. Students should strive hard to acquire knowledge and information on various topics to increase their knowledge bank. Reading material from books and internet will help them to expand their knowledge base. This information will help them in brainstorming part and they will be able to produce exciting and different ideas in response to the given topic. Every person has a different approach towards a given topic and this approach of student reflects his ability and skills he has acquired and the perception he has towards life.

Now comes the point when the students should organize his/ her ideas, which he has collected as a result of brainstorming, in a logical and presentable form. The organization of ideas is very important and there should be a basis, which the students should follow. All this is a part of essay planning and only after completely planning the essay one should start writing the essay. It is advisable to explain different points and ideas in different paragraphs. The essay should be free of grammatical errors and should be in accordance with the rules of language. The choice of words in the essay should be wise and extraordinary.

The essay is normally divided into three parts namely, introduction, body and conclusion. The introduction part contains a brief description of the topic, explaining it in plain words. It is followed by the body, which contains the main matter. The points and ideas finalized during the planning of essay are rationalized and explained in an organized form. Each point should be put forward with solid reasoning and the words should be wisely used to express ideas. The clarity of thoughts should be ensured and the candidate should appropriately defend his point of view on the topic. The closing seal on the essay is placed via a conclusion paragraph at the end of essay. It should sum up the ideas and thoughts presented in the essay and give a final word on it.

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