Stat test consists of a variety of different types of questions. Each type of questions is specially designed to test some specific skills of the students. Multiple choice stat test questions that are based on poems and verses require the candidates to understand the context of the poem and accordingly provide answers. The given poem is based emphasizes on the value of a smile. It is a very simple poem and does not require proficiency in poetry. A brief explanation on the correct answer choices is given in this expose.

The first question requires the candidate to identify the purpose highlighted in the poetry. The various answer choices given provide the possible basis of the poem. The answer choices also include some challenging vocabulary testing of the candidate. A careful reading of the poem reflects that the poet has emphasized on the effects of smile on one’s life. The poetry has a positive tone, hence, the student can rule out the possibility of the choices that are based on negative effects. This leaves the candidate with choice B, which says that smile brings joy and satisfaction to life.

Question number two requires the student to identify the tone of the poem. This necessitates an attentive and inquisitive reading of the given poetry. The student should try to understand the framework of the given poem. A poem may contain various comments but the basic tone of the poetry is different from those. It is a challenge for the student to identify the correct tone of the poetry. The entire poem convinces the readers to understand the value of smile and use it often to derive its benefits. This indicates that the tone of the poem is persuasive, which means option C marks the correct answer to the question.

Everyone knows that smile is a treasure and the same fact is emphasized by the given poem. Question 3 of the sample inquires candidate to identify the kind of asset smile is. Student may readily identify that smile is not something directly related to money and can easily discard the option signifying smile in monetary terms. After ruling out option B and C, we are left with two options. A tangible asset is something which has its physical presence and can be exchanged or utilized in physical form. Intangible being the opposite of tangible means something which we cannot get hold of. Since smile is one such treasure, option D is the correct answer to this question.

Question number four is based on the fourth verse of the poem. A translation of the said verse explains the optimistic drive brought up by smile. It says that it refreshed a tired person, encourages people who are dishearten, cheers up the saddened people and is the best medicine and cure for all diseases and troubles. This translation reveals that smile is a complete package to deal with all the problems of life and hence option A of the given answers best suits the question.

The last question is base on the last verse of the poem, which encourages people to share a beautiful smile with everyone and says that those who do not possess it are in most need of it. It puts down that people who do not smile have something important missing out from their life. This explanation can easily select option D to be the correct answer for the given question.

The answers for all the questions were embedded in the given poetry and a little effort in right direction can help the individuals to succeed in their efforts.

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