The stat written English exam requires essay writing from students. Stat test questions of written English stat test consist of four essay prompts on each of the two different topics. Students are required to choose one or more of the given essay prompts and writer their essays on it in the given time duration of one hour. They should give the number of essay prompts they are using and not use all the essay prompts. One topic for the essay prompts is based on informal essays and the other one for formal and argumentative. Few essay prompts on various informal topics are provided below, which can help the students to prepare to attempt the informal essays. They can choose one or more, but not all of the prompts in one question and write their essays on the basis of and using those essay prompts.

Question No. 1.

Prompt 1. Drinking plenty of water keeps a person healthy and fresh and helps the body mechanism to work smoothly.

Prompt 2. Making fruits and vegetables a part of daily routine enables the individual to draw the requisite nutrient requirements of the body and live healthy.

Prompt 3. Exercising adds value to life and body and increases life span of the body.

Prompt 4. Inadequate sleep causes sluggishness and negatively affects health. Fulfilling the daily sleep requirement keeps a person healthy.

Question No. 2.

Prompt 1. Books are man’s best mates and are always ready to help and provide guidance in times of need.

Prompt 2. Reading books is a wonderful and valuable hobby and pass time and is very useful to improve intellect.

Prompt 3. Even after many advancements and presence of a variety of sources, books are the unsurpassed source of knowledge and education.

Prompt 4. Book is a powerful device and has the ability to transform lives and can be used to learn the rules of life.

Question No. 3.

Prompt 1. Superstitions have evolved due to the fear of unknown embedded in people and does not have any authentic history.

Prompt 2. Assume that you experienced a black cat crossing your path while coming to take the test. What will be your reaction?

Prompt 3. People who believe in superstitions often come into contact with them and those who do not believe them to be true mostly never experience them.

Prompt 4. Spilling of milk is an indication of misfortune coming your way.

Question No. 4.

Prompt 1. Beauty with brains is a breathtaking combination and can do wonders.

Prompt 2. Beauty is a reflection of the nature’s magnificence and represents the majesty and splendor of Mother Nature.

Prompt 3. Beauty lies in the heart of beholder. Everyone has his own definition and perception of beauty.

Prompt 4. Beauty resides in a person’s heart. People with beautiful heart are better than people having physical beauty.

Question No. 5.

Prompt 1. Flowers indicate happiness and cheerfulness. People use flowers to express their delight and ecstasy.

Prompt 2. Nature has bestowed us with flowers which are one of the beautiful gifts of nature and represent the splendor and beauty of nature.

Prompt 3. Flowers are used as a sign of expressing love and affection. They are without any doubt the most beautiful gifts for loved ones.

Prompt 4. Children are as stunning, lovely and pure as flowers and give the same pleasant feelings as flowers.

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