Writing skills of the candidates are tested in the stats written English exam. One part of the exam consists of stat test questions based on essay prompts on a formal topic. Student can use any or more essay prompt to write their essay, but cannot use all four prompts in one essay. The formal topics of essays are argumentative and based on social and economic issues. Student should practice well before appearing in the stat exams and try to attempt maximum questions on variety of topics. This will help them to open their minds and write easily on any topic given to them in stat test questions. Several questions having essay prompts are given below which can help the students to practice and prepare for the stat test. Students can try them and have them checked by someone to get a feedback on their performance.

Question No. 1.

Prompt 1. Culture signifies a nation and represents the beliefs the values of a nation

Prompt 2. The cultural values of a nation reveal the glorious history of a nation and narrate the story of its evolution.

Prompt 3. Fashion evolves from a combination and merger of different cultures and traditions.

Prompt 4. People connecting to the same cultural background get along well with each other; hence, culture can unite people and strengthen their bonds.

Question No. 2.

Prompt 1. Student life is the most important learning period of the life of an individual and helps him to formulate his own view of life.

Prompt 2. Student life is the period which decides the student’s future outlook of life.

Prompt 3. Good habits, moral and ethical values are embedded in an individual during his student life and it is an era when he adopts his personal set of values.

Prompt 4. Student life is a struggling period of an individual’s life, which makes him tough and prepares him to accept the challenges of life.

Question No. 3.

Prompt 1. Today’s youth is a generation having an aggressive attitude towards life and its challenges.

Prompt 2. The economic and social problems of present day era have a devastating effect on today’s youth making them a tense generation.

Prompt 3. The modern world has undergone numerous changes since olden days, creating a wide generation gap between the old generation and today’s youth.

Prompt 4. Today’s youth does not easily accept old traditions and customs and want to either innovate or discard them.

Question No. 4.

Prompt 1. Pollution is a destruction force, destroying the beauty of nature and environment and is leading the world towards a disaster.

Prompt 2. Various chronic diseases are a result of polluted environment, which is the dilemma of the current era.

Prompt 3. Global warming is a result of pollution and its intensity is increasing with every passing day.

Prompt 4. Pollution is a giant tree having various branches over shadowing almost every part of life and creating nuisance for mankind.

Question No. 5.

Prompt 1. The choice of a career path enables a person to determine his future prospects and life.

Prompt 2. Career should be selected in accordance with the goals and ambitions of oneself. It should be aspiring so that it brings improvement to life.

Prompt 3. A wrong selection of career may destroy the life of an individual and produce negative effects in his life

Prompt 4. Career of an individual has an indirect effect on society; therefore, it should be pursued with true zeal and passion.

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