When planning to start study, student always face a problem, which is “how to study?” Preparations for stat study begin with the same questions. Stat multiple choices pertaining to quantitative reasoning require some specific strategies. Some of such tips, which can help students to improve their stat study plan, are produced here.

1 Revising strategy

It is very important to have revision material handy for the last day. Throughout the preparation time, students should prepare their revision strategy, so that they can revisit the important points. Revision material should be precise enough, just to help them recall their overall preparation and should be handy so that it doesn’t require much time.

2 Find out Strengths and weaknesses

Students should identify their strong and weak areas and allocate time and attention to different areas of exam during stat study according to it. Improper allocation of time may cause wastage of time. Due to this they cannot spend time on important areas where students are required to work hard and unnecessary time may be utilized in areas where student is proficient.

3 Know your effective time of the day

Everyone is most active and energized at a particular time of the day, which is actually the best time to study. Some students find it effective to study with fresh mind in the morning; others find peace in night study. Student should be aware of his most effective time of the day and accordingly plan out their stat study.

4 Manual calculation

Since the use of calculators is prohibited in the stat exam, the students may be required to do some manual calculation work. Due to scarcity of time candidate should be quick and swift in manual calculation. While preparing to face stat test students should practice to improve and increase pace of their manual calculation.

5 Fair knowledge of symbols

The Quantitative reasoning exam of stat includes questions based on symbols and different scientific and mathematical expressions. Students should make sure that they are familiar with the common symbols and representations.

6 Understand links between data

Data provided to the students may have hidden relationships requiring the students to identify then and accordingly answer the questions. Student should learn to understand and identify them easily. This will help them to link data and come to right conclusions in the least possible time.

7 Grip on graphical representations

Graphical representations can be of various types and presented in the form of questions. Students are required to practice and learn all the common and major representation forms and be able to extract information from them. The stat study plan should contain a list of graphical representations student is required to learn and the sources to find study material on them.

8 Learn to interpret data

Questions in stat test paper and based on information and data provided to the students. They are required to interpret the given information and then produce or select answers for the given questions. They should practice from various sources to interpret data correctly.

9 Problem solving

Problem solving is a very important skill tested by the stat test. Various situations may be provided to the students may be provided to the students with certain set of troubles. Students are required to identify a suitable solution for the situation given.

10 Decision making skills

Various options for a situation are given to the students. During stat study students should learn to analyze the pros and cons of the given option and its effect on the given situation. After careful analysis one option is to be chosen, this should represent the best decision for it.

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