Stat written English exam requires candidates to write two essays in the allotted time. The essay topic is given in the form of several essay prompts on a certain topic. During Stat Study students should work hard to prepare themselves for facing the exam. Normally, the questions paper contains four essay prompts on a topic. Students are required to select one of the given prompt on each of the two essays and write their essay. Some of the Stat study tips for stat written English test are produced below to facilitate the students in their preparation.

1 Attempt essay prompts for practice

Practice is the key to success. The more you practice, better will be your result. Since the students are provided with essay prompts for attempting their essays. Candidates should practice on the sample essay prompts provided in the information booklet, sample questions books. Practicing will bring some improvement in the candidate’s writing skills.

2 Solve under exam conditions

A number of students get nervous when they face the question paper in exam. During Stat study students should try to cure their exam phobia by solving sample test questions under exam conditions. You can ask someone to choose your questions or set exam paper for you and try to attempt it in one hour time without taking breaks.

3 Ask someone to check

Students may not be able to find out their own mistakes; therefore, they should ask someone else who has a better grip on the subject to check their piece of writing for them. An opinion from a different person may help them to have an independent and unbiased point of view on the subject and their writing style and material. This will help them to identify their weaknesses and work on the weak points for improvement and scoring optimum points in stat test.

4 Select variety of topics

The stat study of students should include practice on a various topics. The diversity in essay theme will increase their knowledge and will help them to get better at their writing skills.

5        Re read written material after some days

Having a second look at the written essay after few days will enable the students to spot out their own mistakes. A change in the state of mind after few days will provide them with a different view on the written essay.

6 Learn to brain storm

Brain storming is the first and very crucial step for writing essays. It helps the students to plan out their essay structure and organize ideas properly.

7 Be realistic as regards the length of essay

Examiners are aware of the duration of the exam and do not candidates to produce exceptionally extensive piece of writing. Quality of the material should be of more importance to the candidates. Hence, during stat study candidates should prepare for essay writing in a realistic time frame.

8 Improve drafting skills

Student should work hard and work on their drafting skills. They should get their writing skills analyzed and then plan accordingly to prepare for attempting the paper. The choice of courses should be in accordance with the student’s requirement for improvement in writing.

9 Acquire general knowledge

Enhancement of general knowledge and information regarding various topics is necessary for the students during stat study. They should acquire relevant information from different sources to prepare for the exam.

10 Learn sentence structure

The essays should be free of grammatical and should comply with the language rules. Students should strengthen their language skills and learn syntax rules.

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