It is very important for the students to prepare a line of attack to face the stat test questions. Planning is a very crucial part of preparing for and attempting special tertiary admission test. It is said that something which is appropriately planned is considered to be half done. This means, that fifty percent of the goal is achieved when an approach to face it is finalized. Similarly, students should formulate a strategy to answer the stat test questions to secure their future by scoring good points. Few points, which should be taken to consideration for devising a plan for attempting stat test, are explicated in this piece of writing. These will help the students to score optimum score in stat test questions.

The time duration for completing stat paper is limited and defined. Candidates are required to complete the paper in the allotted time. Therefore, it is advisable for the students to divide the time equally for all the questions and do not spend excess time unnecessarily on any one question. Excessive time on any one question may reduce time for the remaining questions, which may lead to loss of points as the other questions will not get necessary time and attention. The exam is divided into several units, having some stimulus material. Students are advised to read the material provided considerately before proceeding to start answering the stat test questions. The material may be helpful for the students and it may reduce the complication of the question, simplifying it for the student. Attentive reading and concentration is the key to read and understand the exam material and student should read and understand each and every word provided to him in the exam paper.

In a multiple choice exam, each stat test question is accompanied with few answers. The candidate undertaking the exam is required to choose one of the answers provided, which according to him is the right answer to the question. The answers provided may be closely related and may create confusion for the student while selection one out of them. Student should consider every answer closely and analyze its precision as regards to the question and then accordingly select the most appropriate option out of them. Students should avoid answering the questions without considering all the options provided. More than one solution may sound to be correct and hence the accurate one should be chosen out of them. Some questions may have options which have a farfetched chance of being a possible choice. Students should make sure to mark such options and do not consider them at all when sorting out an answer.

Most of the times, students are not confidant with the answers to some questions, but have an uncertain choice of answer for that question. In such cases, it is prudent of them to mark their choice and proceed to the next question. Since, there is no negative marking for stat tests, the uncertain answers will not cause them to lose points. This strategy can add bonus points to their score, if they run out of time during the stat test and their chosen option turns out to be correct. Students can also make wild guesses for answering questions they are not prepared to or are unable to answer. Choosing a likely option if in doubt or making a random choice when unable to figure out the perfect opens the door of hope for the student to get an additional benefit out of luck.

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