Securing optimum scores in an exam is the ultimate target of every student, so is that of students undertaking stat test questions. In addition to the necessary knowledge, which the candidate is supposed to possess to answer the stat test questions with, there are certain other factors which should be kept in mind. This can also be termed as the art of answering examination. Candidates are not only required to prove their knowledge but also to present it in a presentable form.

The stat test questions in the stat multiple choice exam consist of questions having four possible answers for each of them. The students are required to choose the option they consider to be correct for the question given. The answer sheet for stat multiple choice tests is specially designed and contains a listing of all the questions from one to seventy, since the stat multiple choice consists of 70 questions. Next to each number four letters A, B C, and D representing the answer choices are printed. Each letter is surrounded by a small oval. The students are supposed to fill the oval by circling the letter, which represents their choice of answer. The oval filled by the candidate indicates his/her answer choice to be considered for the marking of his/her test score.

This special design of answer sheets for stat test questions helps to ensure the transparency of the marking process. The answer sheets are not manually examined by a human being; they are scanned by an optical scanner. The machine scans the answer sheets and records the shaded ovals as the prospective answers of the candidates on the given questions. The score of the candidate is calculated in accordance with the results of scanning. Since, the shaded oval is the final answer of the candidate, he/she should be careful while marking the answer.

There are certain factors which should be taken into consideration by the candidate, when marking their answer in the answer sheet. The most important of all is the use of a quality pencil. It is advisable that the students should use a B, 2B or HB pencil for answering the stat test questions. Candidates should not use an ink pen or a ball point pen, because the marks of ink and ball point pen are not easily removable and do not display a neat and tidy paper. The students after marking a certain answer may realize it to be wrong and wish to change their choice. They may also want to change answers while reviewing their answer sheet. This requires a good quality eraser, which can perfectly erase their previous choice. The questions having double answer choices are disregarded by the optical scanner. Hence, the candidates should make sure that when they intend to change an answer they erase their previous choice absolutely. A good quality eraser will not leave marks of the previous choice, or else such questions might not be considered for marking when scanned for checking.

Markings by the candidates outside the defined areas may also cause problems in scanning of answer sheets. As the scanning is performed by an optical scanner, the unnecessary marks may cause incorrect marking of their answers which can have a negative effect on the candidate’s stat test score. Students are also prohibited to fold or tear any part of their answer sheet. This small piece of information can have a material effect on the student’s score of the stat test.

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