Most of the students in every single corner of the world freak out when attempting any exam, so is the case with the students preparing for stat test questions. Like all other multiple choice exams, students are provided with several choices for each of the stat test questions. Students are required to choose the option they consider to be correct. There are several tips which the student should bear in mind when attempting the stat multiple choice exam. Some of these are described here, which can prove to be helpful for the students and lead them to increase their score in the exam.

Students are provided with a booklet containing stat test questions and an answer sheet along with it. Students are not allowed to mark answers on the answer booklet. Students should mark their choice of answers on the answer booklet provided to them. Students can do the rough work pertaining to the questions on the question booklet. Margins are available on the question booklet which can be used by the students for their rough work. They are not allowed to carry or use a scrap paper for the purpose of their rough work. Students should do the necessary calculations or rough work in the margins of test book to ensure that their choice of answer is appropriate. They should consider all the given options and be confident on their choice of answer.

All the Stat test questions provided in the test booklet carry equal marks. The students are advised to answer maximum questions to gain an optimum score in the exam. Since the exam time is limited they can divide their time equally and try to complete as many questions as possible. They can also focus on answering the easier questions first and then attempting the questions which require more consideration and time. The priority setting and management of time is very important for scoring good points in stat test. Students should carefully plan out their strategy for attempting questions. Since the allocation of marks is equal for all stat test questions, it is sensible for a student to safe box the questions he/she thinks can be perfectly answered by him/her. And then, proceed towards working on the other questions. This will help him/her to pocket maximum marks.

There is no negative scoring rule in the stat exam, which means that marks are not deducted for answering any question wrongly. This provides students with a free field to play their innings on the examination wicket. They need not worry about the answers they are not sure of and can attempt all the questions without the fear of losing scored points. Their correct answers will not have to pay the cost of their wrong answers; hence, they can take the risk and make wild guesses for answering questions they have no clue of. Students are required to carefully consider all the given options for a question and after detailed deliberation, mark their choice of answer. They should not mark multiple choices on the answer sheet. Examiner will not consider marking the question which contains more than one choice of answers. Therefore, the student should select only one answer for each of the stat test questions.

These tips although minute in nature may have a considerable effect on the stat test score of the candidate. They can assist to get a better score only if borne in mind while answering the exam.

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