Since the stat test is utilized by numerous institutions to select students for their tertiary courses, its transparency and integrity is of great importance for them. The Stat test has quite an effect on a candidate’s career and future. The results of this test decide their career path, and on the basis of those results they are offered or denied courses. Due to its high potential, the rules and regulations governing all aspects of this test are strictly designed and candidates are required to follow them precisely. They are responsible to have the right knowledge of those rules and ensure their compliance. They are also required to follow certain rules of conduct and should not display unethical behaviour. Some of these rules are listed below:

  • Certain necessary information is required by the candidates when registering for stat exam, which should be accurately provided by him. That information should not be deceptive or fake. The student is required to provide correct and clear information.
  • Students should not allow any other person to fake their identity and represent them in exam. The students registering for the stat test should himself appear in the exam.
  • Any person who is not personally registered for the exam should not sit in the exam on someone else’s behalf.
  • Students should not make an effort to penetrate the question paper to prepare for the stat test. Attempting to gain access of the exam questionnaire is an illegal activity and not permitted by the institute.
  • Any endeavour by the student to carry any disallowed material to the exam room is not permitted by the exam authorities. Students are not allowed to carry notes, papers, calculators and any other items to the exam room. A list of such prohibited items is provided in the information booklet.
  • Students are not allowed to leave the examination room with the test book, answer sheet or any part of them. They should not attempt to steal any such information.
  • Candidates are bound to abide by all the rules and instruction provided to them by the exam supervisor during the entire length of the stat test. They should adhere to the guidelines provided to them by the supervisor at all times during the exam.
  • Under no circumstances providing or asking for help during the exam is permitted. Students should not attempt to provide assistance to other candidates or force the supervisor to assist them in the test.
  • Causing disturbance in the examination room or at the test centre is also not tolerable. Candidates should keep away from doing that.

All the students appearing for the stat exam are bound to follow the ethical conduct prescribed by ACER. The violation of any of the prescribed rules and guidelines may result in the imposition of severe penalties on the students. The penalties may include cancellation of the student’s test paper or his/her registration altogether. It may also result in imposition of a ban on the student for appearing in the stat test in that particular year. The test centre supervisor reports the breaches to the coordinator of the stat admission centre, who accordingly forwards the information and the necessary action is taken against the candidate. Contravention of any of the rules and procedures can put the student’s future at risk; therefore, it is in their better interest to follow the notified rules and guidelines for displaying ethical behaviour at the test centre and during the exam.

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