The procedure of registration for the stat test is simple and easy. There are certain requirements, which the candidate must ensure to attempt the test. The exam centre, where the registration is applied by the students, sends him/her a notification letter, which contains necessary details of the testing session. The notification letter also bears the unique candidate number allotted to the candidate. This notification letter is the student’s proof of registration for the exam and should accompany them to the test centre on the day of stat test. It is required to be displayed when the student arrives at the test centre for the exam.

Along with the notification letter, students are also required to prove their identity and should possess a photo bearing identification with them. They are not allowed to take the stat test in the absence of such identification. The photo bearing identification may be his/ her passport, the driver’s license issued by Australian authorities, an age card bearing a photograph of the student or a Keypass card. All such identifications should be valid and current and should be authentic. The identification card is required to contain the student’s name, his/ her date of birth, signature and a recent photograph. The photograph should be embedded in the card and not be plastic-coated. A work place identity card of the candidate is only accepted as an alternate, if it fulfils the name, date of birth, signature and photograph requirements of the identification card.

The only way to obtain exception from the requirement of a photo-bearing identification card is a legal declaration stating that the student does not possess any of the required forms of identification. The legislative declaration should be endorsed by the witnesses to the declaration along with their signatures on the photograph of the candidate verifying it. The photograph should be a recent one and it should be easy to identify the candidate through that photograph. An old photograph is not accepted as an identification proof by the test centre. Students are allowed to bring their own necessary stationery items. The permitted stationery includes two pencils, eraser and a sharpener for pencils. Students attempting the written English stat test are also permitted to carry blue or black pens. The items allowed as per the rules and regulations of stat test, which are necessary for attempting the exam can be carried by the students to the exam centres.

All other items should be handed over to the authorized personnel at the exam centre and should not be taken to the examination room. The list of prohibited items includes all types of bags, purses, briefcases and crash helmets. All kinds of audio and video devices, with or without earphones are not allowed. Students cannot even carry their stationery in pencil cases. All forms of books, papers, notes or any sort of written material is cannot be carried to the examination room. All communication devices such as mobile phones and pagers cannot be taken by the candidates with them. The permitted stationery list excludes rulers from it. Students cannot even carry dictionaries or translators with them to attempt stat test. Electronic gaming devices are not allowed in the exam room. Even the use of calculators is not permitted during the exam. Candidates cannot bring along their pets with them at the time of exam. Students can carry their water bottles with them but any kind of eating material is not allowed. Further, smoking is also prohibited during the exam session. The necessary documents and stationery should accompany the students at test centres and they should have knowledge of allowed and prohibited items.

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