Quantitative reasoning forms one part of the stat test questions. Different versions of stat test comprises of various forms of questions, quantitative reasoning is one of those forms which concentrates to test a specific set of skills of the candidates undertaking stat exam. The common skills of individuals are tested in these exams and the knowledge of a particular subject is not tested. The Quantitative reasoning is based on scientific and mathematical data, but it does not examine the academic knowledge of students on these subjects. It tests the ability of individuals to analyse and correlate data provided in scientific and mathematical form.

The scientific and mathematical data is presented in the form of data tables, graphs, symbols and numbers etc. Students should be capable to understand all these forms so that they can perform well in the stat test and score good points. They should understand the symbolic and numeric data given to them and process the information as per the requirements of the stat test questions. The candidates are required to be well versed with graphical representations which includes simple and multiple bar diagrams, pie charts and polygraphs. Their familiarity with these will help him to grasp the information provided in the stat test and produce answers according to the requirements of the exam. The material provided in data tables may represent information inter related with each other requiring the candidates to identify the relation between them and construe results from that data.

The main objective of this form of stat test questions is to assess the student’s ability to interpret the information provided in various forms. The interpretation of such kind of information not only requires good absorbing skills but also the ability to decipher the hidden meaning of the data and fulfil the requirements put forward by the examiner. The candidate might need to utilize the information provided and infer results. The data in stat test questions may also be applied to a given set of circumstances to analyse its effects and draw conclusions accordingly. The data of a certain research may be given to the students in question form, requiring the students to unwind the data bundle and extract reasonable conclusions from them. The research data may also be provided with additional information, which can be used to make interpretations to be able to put forward the results.

The stat test questions also check the problem solving and decision making abilities of the students. Problem solving and decision making capability is of prime importance for the examiner because it reflects the student’s tendency to manage different situations and take necessary decisions. Different situations facing certain crises may be provided to them, hence requiring them to understand the underlying data and offer feasible solution for those situations. Solution oriented mind is the demand of examiner for scoring high points in this part of the exam. The students are also required to express their decision making ability. The material provided may provide the students with a situation with various possible solutions and require the candidate to wisely choose the best possible solution in the given circumstances. The choice of option by the student expresses his decision making capability. Decisions should be taken with prudence after carefully assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the various alternatives. An understanding of the hidden relationships among the data assists them to make better decisions which are most appropriate and efficient.

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