Stat Multiple Choice and STAT T & F are forms of stat test, which examine the students via multiple choice questions, half of which are based on verbal reasoning question. The candidates are expected to provide a verbal explanation of the questions provided in the paper. This part focuses on examination of the oral communication skills of the candidate. It emphasizes on the student’s ability to grab and process ideas and come up with unique solutions and explanations. It demands strong command on and knowledge of language and the ability to read between the lines and realise the requirements of the questions.

The Stat test based on verbal reasoning requires students to understand the ideas provided by the examiner and deal with the information accordingly. The information provided is not easy to understand and demands sharp grasping skills and clever sense of understanding. The student’s ability to absorb the given data and handle the requirements of the question is tested. Material provided may not be in simpler form and its interpretation might be expected. The student should understand the requirements of the stat test and be able to deliver according to the expectations of the examiner. Their exam performance should meet the targets, which the examiner expects to achieve from the exam.

The grasping of main idea of the material given in the stat test may be the requisite of the question demanding the student to provide precise summary of the passage. It requires them to identify the central idea of the passage and express it in concise words, which means that only the gist of the material provided is needed. Certain question might be based on words, whose meanings are to be figured out by the students. The test challenges the student’s skills to deduce the meanings hidden in the given material and come to solutions required by the exam paper. Rephrasing of given matter might be required from the students undertaking the exam, which expresses their aptitude for language proficiency.

The language used in the stat test for verbal reasoning might be complicated and directed to test the language expertise of the students. Comprehension and concept grabbing is one of the important components of this exam and the candidates are required to express their capabilities and command over the language and its technicalities. Uncomplicated and simple data might also be provided requiring appropriate handling of information and answering the questions with dexterity. The intellectual skills of the candidates are put to test in the stat exam to sort out the suitable students who possess required set of skills. The Stat test is all about rational and logical competence, and the students should polish these skills to score highest points.

The verbal part of the stat test is designed vigilantly to include all the necessary components in the exam and balance the proportion of different kinds of data and philosophies. It includes both theoretical and debatable issues and has a fair representation of both objective and subjective information. Hence, the students should focus their preparation on all the parts of verbal speech and work hard to gain necessary knowledge of all these parts. Since different kinds of material and question types are proportionately embedded in the questionnaire, students are not left with any choice to limit their preparation to any particular data or question type. An evenly distributed paper requires equal attention on all the aspects of the exam to maximize their scores.

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