The Australian Council of Educational Research has designed the Special Tertiary Admission Test. An expert team of professionals at ACER, who have the necessary knowledge and skills design stat test questions. The council carefully selects the paper-setting panel and the test development procedure is strictly designed. All the test questions are thoroughly scrutinized and analyzed by the panel and are finalized after due consideration. All stat test questions are pre tested by the panel of test writers under the exam conditions and then finalized by them. Along with the content of questions, their style and timing is also well thought-out by the test writers to make sure that the questions are fairly designed.

The material/ data of stat test questions is properly analyzed to detect any material, which affects the religious beliefs of people. It is ensured that the test questions do not reflect religious, cultural or gender biasness and are based on fair and reliable data. The review of test questions is done repeatedly to identify any weaknesses or lacking, which was not identified previously. The entire test data is compared with the statistical analysis on the performance of candidates on those questions. The necessary changes are made to the questions according to the feedback of performance on them. The feasibility of the test questions is assessed by the test writers to check that it would be possible for the students to complete the paper in the given time.

The relevance of data and material of the test questions is checked to ensure that the exam does not target unrelated skills. The exam is general in nature and hence does not require testing of any specific skills. The common knowledge tested by the exam needs to be relevant for the requirements of different institutes and universities utilizing it for their admission process. The test writers thoroughly check the test questions for their relevance and validate that they fulfill the purpose of exam.

Research is conducted to analyze the progress of students who have earlier passed the tests and on the basis of their academic advancements new question papers are designed. With the help of relevant universities and the feedback on the quality of students who have scored well in stat test questions, improvements are made to the test questions. The information regarding the resident country of the candidates appearing for test and the length of time they have spent in Australia is also useful for the test data research and is hunted for by the Council. Space is provided in the answer sheets for the students to provide information regarding their home country, but this information is voluntary and it is not necessary to provide such information. The institute provides assurance regarding the privacy of the information provided.

The Council designs the stat test questions with utmost care to ensure its effectiveness. It ensures the transparency of the process and makes all necessary efforts to improve the quality of the exam. The panel of writers selected by the council comprises of skilled people who are proficient in the relevant knowledge and possess requisite skills. The entire process of setting exam questionnaire is monitored and under no circumstances the integrity of the exam paper is compromised. As the exam is used by multiple universities and institutes, its credibility is given due importance by them and the council strives hard to substantiate it.

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