One of the three different styles of stat test is the written English test. The written English stat test is required by a few institutions and has the shortest time duration among its three versions. Some institutes require the candidates to take both STAT written English in addition to the other version of stat. The test is composed of two questions, both of which require essay writing. Candidates are expected to write two essays, one personal and the other one argumentative. The time duration provided for both the essays is flat one hour, with an addition of five minutes for reading the questions. There is no defined criterion, regarding the length of essays; hence, the students fairly have thirty minutes to brain storm, plan and write on each of the given essay topic. Since the time is very limited, the candidates should have ample knowledge and research on various subjects and be ready to express it appropriately and efficiently.

A Stat test of written English focuses on the quality of ideas brought forward in response to the given subject. The creativity and uniqueness of the idea and the thought reflected in the piece of writing is given due consideration. The interpretation of the theme and the ideas put forward to explain the topic is different for every individual which clearly reflect their perspective of the situation. It also reflects the ability of their minds to explore and grasp the given information. The interpretation of the topic by an individual reveals his mental maturity and the capability to understand the requirements of the examiner. It shows how he manages to handle the question and the kind and quality of information he can come up with.

Writing is not just about putting forward amazing ideas and thoughts. It also reveals the candidate’s ability to organize and compose his thoughts in an appealing way. The sentence structure and arrangement of ideas is a very important factor which is considered by the examiners, marking the candidate’s scores for the written English stat test. The proficiency with which the entire content is put together is one of the important factors analyzed by the examiners and plays a vital role in getting good scores. It should be ensured that the entire piece of writing has synchronized thoughts and does not contain untied threads of ideas. The entire content should be carefully fabricated leaving no ambiguity and vagueness. The essay should be free of grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors and should be fluent having a smooth flow of ideas. Candidates are required to be well versed with the rules of the language and their piece of writing shall comply with all those rules.

The choice of words and language is also very important while attempting stat test. It is one of the important assessment criteria and is given due priority. A high-quality idea expressed in poor-quality words is of no use. This requires the candidate to have a decent vocabulary bank. The wrong choice of words can spoil the brilliance of thought. Not only the choice of words but their placement and usage is also very crucial and affects the overall quality of the essay. The timing of words should be most appropriate and they should be carefully chosen according to the context of writing. Candidates are required to work hard to present the best ideas with carefully chosen words placed appropriately and the write up should sound like a perfectly tailored piece of writing

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