A Stat test is available in three different versions, testing different sets of skills. Different institutions require different versions as an aptitude test for students. The three versions of stat tests namely, STAT multiple Choice, STAT written English and STAT T & STAT F, consists of different set of questions testing multiple skills of the candidate. Each of these versions is designed to address the different requirements of various courses. . All three versions have different usages and are selected by the university requiring it. The timings and question bank for all of them are different and are separately designed according to the requirements of each test. The candidates preparing for the Stat test should find out the version required by the institute where he/she wishes to apply for admission. The questions in the STAT multiple choice, STAT T and STAT F consist of verbal and quantitative reasoning; whereas, in STAT English writing skills of the candidates are tested.

STAT Multiple Choice is a two-hour test with an additional ten minutes for reading the question paper. It comprises of 70 multiple-choice questions, half of which require verbal reasoning and the other half require quantitative reasoning.  Numerous students who register themselves through the tertiary admission centers undertake it. STAT T and STAT F have the same two-hour exam time duration and an additional ten minutes for paper reading. The structure of the exam paper is the same as that of STAT Multiple Choice. But it is not widely used; few candidates who apply to the institution directly are required to sit in this exam. STAT Written English is a one-hour exam and an additional five minutes are provided to the students for reading the questions. Few institutions require it and some require it in addition to STAT Multiple Choice.

Verbal Reasoning

It tests the understanding and comprehension skills of the students. Students may be required to grasp the main idea or summary of the given data or even interpret phrases and words. It is directed to check the analytical skills of the student and the ability to cope with different levels of language. The data provided might be in complex and high level language, and it requires the understanding skills of the students are supposed to be at work. Some questions are composed of basic language structure as well, testing the analyzing and organizing skills of the candidate along with the ability to reach to appropriate conclusions.

Quantitative Reasoning

The quantitative reasoning in stat tests focus on the student’s ability to apply the available information and draw results. Basic mathematical and scientific data might be provided in graphical, symbolic or numeric form which is easy to understand. Candidates are required to translate the information provided to them and apply it accordingly. Quantitative reasoning in the stat test is targeted to check the aptitude of the students to decipher the relationship in data and figure out the best possible results out of it. Decision making skills of the candidate are very important and are thoroughly tested in this exam.

Written English

Stat written English exam is designed so as to assess the capability of the students to communicate their ideas in writing. It checks the efficiency by which the thoughts are communicated and the choice of words. It is nothing but a pure game of words. The students are assessed on the basis of quality of their writing. It does not only judge the quality of words or ideas used, but also the proficiency with which the ideas are presented.

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