A comprehensive introduction and information about the stat test also known as special tertiary admission test can be obtained from the candidate information booklet. This booklet is published by the Australian council of Educational Research (ACER) to facilitate the students and make it easier for them to prepare for the stat test. It is easily available online and is free of cost. It is a complete package of the basic information regarding all the important aspects of the test. It answers all the preliminary questions of the students and provides them a precise direction to prepare for the test.

It describes the fundamentals of the stat test and explains that by whom and under what circumstances the students are required to undertake it. It illustrates the skills tested by exam and informs the students regarding the abilities they are expected to demonstrate. It briefly explains the requirements of all the three different kinds of questions used in the exam. Verbal and quantitative reasoning questions are based on different requirements whereas; the written English exam has another set of requirements. The information booklet clarifies all these requirements and guides the students to put in the right efforts for the test.

The preparation guideline and the dos and don’ts of the preparation are also provided in the information booklet. It lists down the rules, which are required to be followed by the students while answering the exam test questions. It describes the general strategies, which enable the students to score maximum points in the stat test. It also provides specific tactics for the verbal, quantitative and the English exam of stat. Tips for all the areas of the exam are covered in this information booklet in a precise form and it helps the students to get the basic idea for starting their preparation for the exam. This booklet acts as a foundation and gives a program of study to the students after which they can refer to various other books and attend test preparation workshops.

The information booklet includes a few sample questions to help the students to understand the kind of questions they are supposed to come across while attempting the exam. There is another collection of such questions called The Sample Collection of Questions. The Sample Collection of Questions is a compilation of the past papers of stat test, which is only available with the ACER and is not provided to any institute facilitating the preparation of this test. It is published by ACER and unlike candidate information booklet it has to be purchased on payment of the prescribed amount. The order form is available with the information booklet and the book can also be ordered online to save purchase time and efforts.

The booklet also directs the students about the registration procedure for the test and provides a list of the necessary items, which should accompany the student to the test center. It informs the candidates regarding the important requisites of the stat test and warns them as regards the consequences of not being able to produce the necessary documents. It also notifies the students about the acts, which are considered to be unethical and can lead to imposition of penalties on them. The result scoring system of stat test is also explained in the information booklet, which helps the students to understand and interpret the meaning of their results. It guides them to analyze the level of their performance and comprehend their true skills.

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