The Special Tertiary Admission Test is an academic aptitude test commonly known as STAT. Stat test is used by many institutions in Australia as a means of filtering students for admission and its clearance is one of the eligibility criteria to consider them for offering different courses. As it is a part of admission procedure, the selection of students for different courses is made on the basis of the results of stat test together with other necessary information. It is designed by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) and the administration part is taken care of by the central tertiary admissions centre in each state, territory and the University of Tasmania separately. It is carefully designed and includes all necessary factors which are required to be assessed in candidates planning to pursue specialized courses.

A number of institutions in Australia have made it mandatory for the students seeking admission to undertake this Stat test.  The Stat test is especially designed to evaluate the aptitude of students in various areas which are crucial for success in tertiary courses. Stat test questions are based on general knowledge and exam paper is composed of material from various common sources. The test is not directed to test knowledge of candidates for specific areas but is focused on assessments of general skills. The objective of this test is to analyze the comprehension and analytical skills of the candidates and not to test knowledge and experience on specific academics subjects only. Students are required to examine the material provided, contemplate the effects of situations and provide quality output.

A Stat test is not at all complicated and does not require proficiency in any specific course. The students need not to freak out and worry to attempt it. Its preparation is simple and straightforward which, requires common knowledge and skills. The preparation guidelines are available in the candidate handbook, which is easily available for students. It also provides a sample of test questions, which help the students to prepare for the exam. Proper time and focus are the key factors, which can help the student to score maximum points in the exam. The candidate is required to understand the requirements of the examiner and answer the questions accordingly. The student should prepare for the test according to the needs of the examiner and should work on sharpening the skills tested in these tests.

Stat test is carefully constructed to test the analytical expertise of the candidates. It is an all-purpose exam and is based on inspiring material from a wide range of common resources. Moreover, it checks the interpretation skills of the students and the ability to comprehend the given material. It requires deciphering words, phrases and representing ideas in a sequential and logical manner. Students command over language is of crucial importance forgetting high scores in this exam. Their selection is dependent on their scores of this test and therefore, they need to work hard to score optimum points. The different versions of stat test are made compulsory by different institutes depending on their admission requirements. Each version s designed separately suiting different situations and requirements.

Stat test is a technical test and requires proficiency in language and some other basic skills. The test is composed of data having a broad-spectrum and has high level of integrity associated to it. Suitable efforts in right and proper direction for the exam preparation may lead the students towards extraordinary results.

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