If the exam is more about your ability to think than how much you know, why do so many people worry about and study for this exam? Why do people do STAT preparation programs?

Well, an understanding of the kinds of questions you will be asked is very helpful. It is part of a sound overall preparation strategy.

This might sound surprising, so let’s look at an example. Let’s look at a racing car driver like Mark Weber. Every time he’s racing, Weber is tested on his driving skills. It’s his superior driving ability that sets him apart from his competitors. No matter what the race track, conditions, or situation, it his driving ability that is tested.

Yet, before every race he gets to know the race track intimately. He learns every turn, every curve and straight. It helps him because he knows what to expect, knows where and how to apply his skill.

In this same way, you as a STAT test candidate are being tested on your thinking ability (instead of driving skill). No matter what the questions or context, it is your ability to think and reason that sets you apart from the other candidates.

Also in the same way, knowing the context or the concepts that will be used to test your thinking is helpful. So instead of studying the race track, it will help you to sample questions that will be used in the STAT test. After doing so you will understand the stimulus material and questions more quickly. You will not be frightened by the graphs, equations and tables. You will be faster at answering the questions and you have a greater chance at succeeding.

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