So far we’ve concentrated on how to make your essay seem impressive on the surface and how to grab the reader’s immediate attention. But style is not everything, your essay still needs some substance. The essay needs to have a backbone of quality ideas and thoughts.

The next essential key to writing killer STAT essays is the need to write about non –common ideas.

ACER state that the most important factor in your essay is the complexity and sophistication of your discussion of the theme.

This is where a person with poor or average writing skills can level the playing field for themselves. They can compete with people who have strong writing skills. That’s because more emphasis is given to the thought and content of the essay than to control of language such as your organisation and expressions.

The best approach is to have it all – the organisation and control of language as well as the thought and content of the essay. But the most important factor is the ideas you create out of the theme.

You can use the quotations to give you ideas about the theme. Our essay writing program has many more techniques which you can learn and apply quickly.

In developing an interesting thesis for the essay you don’t want it to be so unusual that’s it’s a freaky and weird. You just don’t want it to be standard. So not the first thing that comes to mind because there are 5000 other people writing that same essay who will also write about the first thing that comes to mind.

You can approach the essay section in one of two ways. You could come up with an idea for the essay which is common, but very well written. For example, for the essay one prompt’s we talked about earlier, the theme was peace. A common idea to write about there would be that peace was never won by dropping bombs. It’s what first comes to mind when you read the quotations. And from what we’ve seen it’s a popular topic for that essay. So it will not impress the examiners. Unless it’s extremely well written so that it stands out for the 600 other essays your marker reads.

The other option is to come up with a unique idea, a twist, or a perspective that the examiner would not expect. One that fits into the theme and makes for a good essay even if it’s not written extremely well. The examiners are looking for your ideas, thoughts and perspectives first, and your ability to write second.

Let’s be honest, a doctor doesn’t need to be able to write a magnificent piece of literature in order to help his patients. But the doctor does need to be able to think outside the square, see other people’s perspective, understand the world and the people within it. And only then to express it adequately.

So use the technique I mentioned earlier when you practice your essays, or get our essay program and try the one’s we have there.

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