Stat exam consists of several different types of questions based on quantitative reasoning. One such type is the questions based on a given data. Data may be of various types including passages, stories, poetries and or data presented in the form of spreadsheets etc. Following is an example of this type of questions which is based on a given chart.

The following table represents a diet plan of an individual and the questions provided herewith are based on the given diet plan. The answers are within the diet plan only and can be easily identified.

Time/ Day Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Breakfast Fruit juice

2 boiled eggs

Vegetable juice

2 boiled eggs

Fruit juice

2 boiled eggs

Vegetable juice

3 boiled eggs

A glass of milk

1 boiled eggs

A glass of milk

1 boiled eggs

Vegetable juice

Glass of milk

1 boiled egg

Lunch Vegetable salad Fruit Salad Corn soup Fruit or vegetable salad Chicken soup Any kind of Salad

Any  kind of soup

Any kind of Salad and soup
Dinner Steamed chicken Bar B Q Chicken Steamed chicken Bar B Q Chicken Steamed fish One plate steamed and flavored rice Steamed rice and white meat.

Question No. 1. An addition of a glass of milk to diet renders the number of eggs to be taken in breakfast to:

  1. One
  2. Four
  3. Three
  4. Two

Question No. 2. The quantity and variety of meals is greater:

  1. At the initial phase of diet
  2. Towards the end of diet
  3. In the middle of diet
  4. Throughout the diet plan

Question No. 3. The daily diet schedule includes:

  1. Meat, soup and milk
  2. Rice, juice and egg
  3. A kind of meat, juice and egg
  4. Soup, milk and fish

Question No. 4. Raw fruit or fruit salad is not a part of diet for:

  1. Four days
  2. Two days
  3. Five days
  4. Three days

Question No. 5. The diet contains vegetable juice for

  1. Two days
  2. Three days
  3. None of the days
  4. All days

Answer guide:

Question No. 1.Option A

Question No. 2. Option B

Question No. 3. Option C

Question No. 4. Option D

Question No. 5. Option B

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