The quantitative reasoning part of the stat test paper contains questions based on graphical representations. The graphical representations can be of various types, including, simple and multiple bar diagrams, pie charts, polygraphs etc. One such example is provided below to aid the students during their preparation of the stat exam.

Below is a multiple bar diagram, which gives an analysis of the birth, death, crime and income rate in a particular country. A multiple bar diagram shows a parallel analysis of different items or factors. The different components are represented by bars distinguished with the help of colors. Each bar represents a different factor in the diagram. Several questions are provided on the basis of the following multiple bar diagram, which will be useful for the students practice.

Question No. 1. The year, which can be marked as the one triggering crime rate is:

A.      2010

B.      2009

C.      2008

D.      2007

Question No. 2. The diagram shows the population rate of the country to be:

A.      Increasing

B.      Decreasing

C.      Dormant

D.      Fluctuating

Question No. 3. The Country faced a chronic disease in the year:

A.      2006

B.      2007

C.      2008

D.      2009

Question No. 4. The effect of economy on income level of people in the country has:

A.      Caused an increase in the crime level of the country

B.      Triggered death rate in the country

C.      Escalated population growth of the country

D.      Has slowed down the increase in the income level of the country

Question No. 5. The bar diagram given above reflects:

A.      Month by month trend of population, law-breaking, infirmity and earning level of the country

B.      Year by year trend of population, law-breaking, and earning level of the country

C.      Year by year analysis of the birth, death, illness and crime rate of the country

D.      Yearly analysis of income, infancy, burglary and suffering rate of the country

Answer guide:

Question No. 1.Option C

Question No. 2. Option A

Question No. 3. Option D

Question No. 4. Option D

Question No. 5. Option B


The first questions demands the year when the law-breaking problem erupted in the country. It is represented by the yellow bars in the diagram. A sudden increase in the crime rate can be seen in the year 2008 when the crime rate elevated above five.

Next question is based on the population trend of the country. The given multiple bar diagram shows the birth rate of the country using blue bars and purple bars represent the death rate. It can be seen that the birth rate is going high with the passing years and the death rate is slow as compare to it. This indicates a rise in the population level of the country.

Third question requires the year when the company seems to have faced some severe disease. The death rate of the country in the year 2009 appears to be substantially high, which indicates a possibility that there might be some severe disease spread in the country during that year.

Question number four requires the student to indentify the component which is affected by the economic growth of the country. Out of the four components of the multiple bar diagram, the one which is directly affected by the economy is the income level of the people of country.

The answer to the last question is the simplest to identify, which is option B. It reflects yearly analysis of the country population, income and crime.

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