The questions on the given story can be easily answered if the story is read with concentration and attention. It is easy to identify solutions of the questions based on the story as it is not much intricate. As the title of the story says, it is based on some factual realities of life undergone by almost every person. This can help the student to judge the main content of the story. The story has two characters in all, which includes a woman and his little baby. Following is a concise explanation, which can help the students preparing for stat test to understand the method of extracting answers from the given story.

The first question requires understanding of the first paragraph of the story.  The first paragraph explains the village where the main character of the story resides. The answer choices contain options regarding the dreams, ambition and luxuries of the people of the village. It explains a poor village where people are unaware of the worldly dreams and material wealth. It explicates that they do not possess the worldly treasures and comforts. Thus, option C is the correct answer to this question.

The next question in line requires a description of the character of woman in the story. A deliberate reading of the story can easily lead to identify that the woman has no room to be stylish. This excludes option B from the answer choices. The story does not even illustrate any sign or action of the woman which reflects aggression or frustration. The story mirrors the woman as the one who has borne the ironies of life and has a wounded heart. Hence, the answer to the question is filtrated to be option A, which truly describes the woman of the story.

The students can grab the central idea of the story by reading it several times with concentration. The story describes a poor village and a woman who has suffered from great trauma and difficulties and is trying to comfort her child. It has a sad tone and thus the two options regarding the beauty and amusement of life can be ruled out. The translation of the story reveals that the subject of the story is not the monotony of life but the hardships and problems, which one has to face during the life. Option B, which says that the central idea of the story is based on the bitter realities of life is the correct answer.

The fourth question is based on the verse which is a part of the story. In the verse, she compares her child with the morning blossom and tells him to sleep comfortably in silence. She says that the moon showers his light on him and his lips have a peaceful smile due to the protection and cover of his mother’s arms. This translation renders the verse to be a lullaby, which the woman sings to put his child to sleep.

The last question is based on the ending part of the story, which sums up life in few words. It says that life is very limited and is divided into two parts, that is, the hope of a better future and the time interval which leads to a better future. Nevertheless every person has to face his share of grief and hardships and cannot drift away from the sorrows he has to bear during the life time. These are the necessary components of life and there is no escape from them.

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