Special tertiary admission tests include questions based on different material. Some questions are based on a given passage or story and require the students to comprehend the given story and select suitable answers for the given questions. A lot of practice is required to attempt such questions in the limited time available to the students attempting stat test. An example of such type is produced below. It consists of a story and several questions based on the story. Students can attempt such questions during their stat test preparation and maximize their scoring chances. Answer guide is also produced below along with the questions to help the students in judgment of their performance and to work hard to bring improvement in their comprehension skills.

A Story on the truth of Life

Her village was set on the outskirts of a small, dried river in Ethiopia. It was merely a grouping of tents, fortified with branches and mismatched sheets of cloth. Here was a constant struggle. But for every man and woman it was their way of existence. Ambitions, dreams, and luxuries; these were foreign feelings for them.

The night breathed a supple sigh, inhaling and exhaling with tremors of the wind. A cold chill crept among the lands, clasping its hands over life. The perched ground cried with thirst, the earth cracking under walking feet. Despite the cold, a woman sat alone under a tree, barely clothed except for a simple shawl drape over her body. She held a sleeping child in her hands and clutching her neck in a hazy embrace.

The woman whispered softly; the moon shone on her black skin. She was not beautiful, or maybe years of hard work had swept the feminine sweetness of her face, replaced with a sorrowful countenance.

Ah, child of morning lush,

Lie dreaming now, in sweetened hush,

With moon’s shine upon thy face

And lips smiling in my embrace”

She smiled as she sang; a bitter sweet expression came on her face, while looking at the baby. Her child knowing she loved him and knowing that he too would face the same hardships in future; since there is no escape from the bitter realities of life.

“For such is life — a four-day clock, two for hope and two for wait.”

Question no. 1. According to the first paragraph:

A.     People have to go abroad to achieve dreams and get luxuries

B.     People can import luxuries from abroad

C.     Dreams, luxuries and ambitions are unfamiliar feelings for people of the village

D.     The life of village people is filled with luxuries, ambitions and dreams

Question no. 2. The given story describes the woman as:

A.     Grief stricken

B.     Trendy

C.     Frustrated

D.     Aggressive

Question no. 3. The central idea of the story reflects

  1. The beauty of life
  2. Bitter realities of life
  3. Amusement of life
  4. Monotony of life

Question no. 4. The verse included in the story is a:

  1. Song
  2. Poem
  3. Quotation
  4. Lullaby

Question no. 5. The message given by the last phrase is

  1. Every person has to face his share of affliction
  2. Life is divided into 4 parts
  3. Hope and interval are a part of life
  4. Every person is deserted at some point in life

Answer guide:

Question No. 1.Option C

Question No. 2. Option A

Question No. 3. Option B

Question No. 4. Option D

Question No. 5. Option A

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