In the last post we talked about the first step to build the foundations for a great stat test result. Now let’s move onto step two.

1)      Accurately identify where you are NOW – do a practice STAT test.

This is like using a sat nav. The sat nav needs to know your destination and where you are right now. That way it can show you the best route from start to finish. Step one determined your destination, now we need to figure out our current location.

This process will show you where most improvement is needed. It means identifying your strengths and weakness on all aspects of the STAT test. So how good are you at the verbal components? How good are you at writing STAT essays within the specified time? And how good are you at the quantitative questions?

It would also help to identify if there are any weaknesses in your general exam skills. So things like timing – can you finish the section within the given time? Or do you struggle to answer the question being asked? Or do you have problems controlling your nerves?

The best way to do all this is to do a practice STAT test.

If you have never done the STAT test before – then welcome! After reading this please get one of the half ACER practice exams. Let’s  find out where you stand. Schedule in a time to do half a paper. I don’t expect anyone to sit through a WHOLE exam at this stage. But you can do half of one.

Sit the ACER practice test under exam conditions, ideally in a quiet place where you’ll be left alone for the whole time. Please be strict with yourself in terms of simulating exam conditions, as well as being kind in your evaluation.

Once you are done you need to identify your strengths and weaknesses. This is a simple process that we explain in our manual.

A great score is 70% or more for each section. But, at this stage you may find that you achieve 30-40%. Some of people will be pleased with their score. However most may be disappointed. That’s OK. You’re the majority of people and it’s only the beginning of your preparation.

After sitting the practice STAT test, you can identify which section was your strongest and which needs the most attention. This will also hopefully be a motivation to excel in your preparation.

With that said, if you have not sat a STAT test before, please get an ACER practice paper after the webinar, schedule in a date and place where you will do the test within the next week.

2)      Follow a system/strategy that will get you to where you want to be.

So now that the sat nav is loaded with your current location and your destination, you need a vehicle to get you there. What kind of vehicle can you take to get you to your STAT test destination?

Well, there are three main ways and they all work well if done properly:

1)      First is to study on your own.

2)      The second possible vehicle is to do a home study program. This involves ordering the material and working your way through it.

3)      The third is to attend a live study course.

All of these techniques work and depending on your study style and preferences you might chose one over the others. And that’s fine.

But if we look at it more closely, just like cars, not all the above methods are equal.

Option 1, doing it on your own, leaves too many gaps and possible ways to go wrong. Someone who does this might spend too much time of one thing and not enough on another. It becomes overwhelming when you collect all that material and attempt to crunch through it yourself. But if that’s your preferred study style then I’m happy to support you.

If you want to take the guess work out of the process and eliminate a lot of the uncertainty in your preparation. Then get a home study pack or attend a live course. Both work well and are great options.

There are live courses held all around the country where you can attend for a few weeks and work through some of the material. They can however be expensive, time consuming and sometimes inconvenient. People have to work so it can be hard to make the classes.

The best option for many is a home study program. That way you can prepare for the stat test when you have the time. It’s self paced so you can go faster or slower when you’re ready. It’s often also cheaper because there are no classrooms to book.

Our programs are all home study and downloadable so you can begin instantly, wherever you are. They cover everything you need to know to prepare yourself for this important exam. If you want to find out more please go to the link on the right.

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