The multiple choices Stat test contains questions based on a given passage. Students are required to read the given passage with attention and concentration and then select the right and most suitable choice of answer. Students should learn to fish out the correct answers from the passage. This requires proper understanding and insight of the passage. A brief explanation is produced below to help students select the best option for the given questions. The given passage is based on the subject of creativity.

An attentive reading of the passage, can lead the student to grab the basic concept of the passage. The first question requires him to do the same. Students can identify that the general tone of the passage is descriptive, illustrating the traits of a creative writer. It is very important for the candidate to have a strong knowledge of vocabulary as he would not be allowed to carry a thesaurus or word dictionary with him. After a careful reading he can easily rule out the last two options, as the passage is not about the troubles and uneasiness faced by the creative writers. It can be noticed that the entire passage explicates the main components of creativity and not the outcome of such writing faced by the writers. Hence, option A is the correct answer to the given question.

The next question is based on the meaning of creativity. Students can ascertain from the given passage that creativity is not only assembling of ideas; it has a lot more to it. Creativity requires exploration of one’s imaginations and coming up with innovative ideas. A clear understanding of the basic concept of creativity will lead the candidate to discard all the options, which do not reflect that idea. Among the given options all other choices except C can be discarded by the student. The third question is based on the dos and don’ts of perfect creative piece of writing. Having read the passage properly, student can have a clear understanding of this fact. They can find out that creative writing is not about copying or repeating ideas; all it has to do is to present ideas in an innovative form without replicating the idea. Replication creates monotony and results in loss of interest by the reader. This concludes option C to be the correct answer for the question.

The fourth question requires understanding of the thinking style of the creative writers. Students are required to choose the thinking style of creative writer from the given options. Having understood the idea of creative thinking student can easily identify the correct answer option to this question. Judicious, demonstrative, or conservative thinking is not the style of a creative writer. Among the given options, the option which best describes out of the box thinking is option D. Creative writing is a game of words and ideas, the last question requires the traits of a successful creative writer. Coming up with ingenious ideas is one thing and putting them into words is another. The choice of words to convey the idea to the reader is very crucial to creative writing and requires proficiency in language. It is the quality of work that makes a person a successful creative writer and not the quantity. This excludes the two options A and C from consideration. And since creative writing is not about storytelling, option B is the correct answer to the given question.

The above explanations will guide the students to attempt such type of stat test questions in the exam.

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