The stat tests consist of questions based on a given passage. Students are required to understand the passage and accordingly answer the given questions. Following is an example of such types of questions on the given passage, which can be useful for the student practice.

Creativity is making sense out of nothing and conjuring a world of phrases with the help of mind’s eye and putting life in it so as to give the reader a sense of belonging to it. Thinking is the key tool of writing something creative; it has no limits and is an activity which provokes the writer to come up with innovative ideas and thoughts or confer new meanings to already established facts and myths. Every person is unique and has his own set of perceptions; a successful creative writer is required to recreate his perceptions in a way captivating the interest of the readers. The writer should create a sense of curiosity for the reader to engross him and force him to focus on the piece of writing.

Collecting information is no more a complicated task. Internet is one of the best sources of accessing the knowledge, in low time and also with the low cost. Information collected from different sources needs to be assembled in a pleasing manner. The authenticity of the information used should be ensured; otherwise, the reliability of the reader might be impaired. Every word has its appropriate use, therefore care must be taken in the choice of words while drafting. Use of jargons needs to be avoided if the target reader is general public. Selections of words should be such that there is no redundancy in the usage of words. Over used words trigger monotony which leads the reader in search of something new and loss of concentration.

Thinking out of the box is one of the very essential factors of achieving success as a creative writer. Originality and novelty of ideas is highly appreciated by the readers. It is the manner in which ideas are conceived by a writer that enables him to win the battle of words. At times a fact that is very common and immaterial in the view of general public may be portrayed by the writer in a way beyond expectation and imagination.

Creative writers are expected to cook the perfect curry with all the required ingredients in the most appropriate composition with a taste that is not only new for the readers but also appetizing and mouthwatering.

Question No. 1. The given passage explains:

A.      the qualities which, a creative piece of writing contains

B.      the corollaries of being a creative writer

C.      the tribulations faced by a creative writer

D.      the incongruity of creative writing

Question No. 2. Creativity means:

A.      to stockpile information from internet

B.      amalgamation of data collected from various sources

C.      an ingenious presentation of ideas

D.      making replica of data acquired

Question No. 3. A creative piece of writing should

A.      have reiteration of ideas

B.      be an abridged version of someone else’s idea

C.      not have a monotonous tone

D.      simply copy and paste information

Question No. 4. Creative thinking means

A.      effusive thinking

B.      being judicious and modest

C.      following conventional thoughts

D.      being imaginative and innovative

Question No. 5. A successful creative writer is one who

A.      gets more of his work published

B.      wins the crusade of words

C.      can write heaps in limited time

D.      is good at story telling

Answer guide:

Question No. 1.Option A

Question No. 2. Option C

Question No. 3. Option C

Question No. 4. Option D

Question No. 5. Option B

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