Stat written English exam also includes an informal essay. Students should include practice on such topics when preparing for stat test. This post is based on the informal essay topic and prompts provided to the students to practice and bring improvement to their writing skills. The informal topics require a lighter and casual tone in the essay and candidates are required to produce some attention-grabbing piece of writing. A brief explanation of the topics and some suggestions on the exciting ideas that can be put forward are provided below for the aid of students. Students can use them as a guide to write their essays on those essay prompts.

The first question promotes the importance of healthy living and the given essay prompts provide room for creating a healthy living from water, exercise, sleep, fruits and vegetables. Students can make a selection of their healthy living choices and create their own healthy living menu from a combination of these. They can place emphasis on the importance of fulfilling the nutritional requirements of the body and forewarn them regarding the damaging effects of unhealthy routine and food.

The second one requires candidates to express their views on the importance of books in life. Books can be associated to a person’s life in a variety of ways. The potential embedded in books is known from centuries and cannot be challenged under any circumstances in any era. Books are without any doubt the best gifts available for us. Students can adopt this topic in a variety of ways and volumes can be written on these essay prompts. Addiction of book reading and having it as a pass time can be produces in an interesting and different way. People often forget the world around them when they are into books.

Question three is a very interesting and a fun topic. Writing on superstitions is not something very usual but everyone has some personal experience relate to superstitions. Students can come up with new and stimulating ideas and information on this subject and can write an excellent piece of writing. They can highlight the history of superstitions and their effect on the life in people. They can give various other superstitions and their consequences. They can scrutinize the changes people bring to their life as a response to their strong belief in superstitions. The prompts provide some popular superstitions which can be used by the students to elaborate their view point.

The second last question provides beauty as the main topic. Most of the essay prompts are generally famous phrases on beauty. It is a huge topic and the students can write on numerous different aspects of beauty. The relationship of internal and external beauty can be expressed with an emphasis on the importance of internal beauty. Beauty is a gift bestowed upon us by nature and students can accredit nature and its beauty.

The last question use flowers as its primary topic. Flowers are used by everyone to express their feelings. Lovers use them to express love, friends use them to express their affection and we send them to the sick to convey our good wishes. They are used in a variety of ways and represent many beautiful feelings. The given essay prompt also depicts children as flowers, as they are too refreshing and beautiful. Students can present an unlimited list of ideas when writing on this topic.

The informal topics are quite general in nature and the real challenge is to craft a smooth piece of writing.

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