Several essay prompts are provided for the essay topic in the special tertiary admission test. Students may use one or more of these prompts to write their essays. The given five questions consist of essay prompts on different formal topics. These are serious and challenging topics which require a somber response from the students. A brief rationalization on these essay prompts is provided below to help the candidates in formulating ideas to write on these topics. This can be very helpful for the candidates and help them a great deal to prepare for their essay writing exam.

The first question is based on essay prompts on Culture. They can write on the historical accounts of nations which gave rise to their current culture or comment on the fact that the cultures of different nations represent their set of beliefs and principles of life they have derived either from their religions or forefathers.  One of the given essay prompts also allows the candidate to discuss culture in the light of fashion trends. From various mergers and combinations of different cultural heritages exciting fashions are evolved. The given essay prompt also provides with an option to represent cultural bonds between different nations and their people.

Question number two highlights the student life of an individual. This is an interesting yet serious topic and the stat test students can easily relate to it. The given essay prompts allow the students to emphasize on the value of student life and the problems and issues faced by them during it. They can devote their essay on the advantages of the learning and the fruitful activities they perform during their student life and their effects on future life.

The third question is dedicated on today’s youth and its view points. This is huge platform and the students can come up with a variety of ideas on it. They can provide rationale for the aggression of the younger generation and the facts which lead to it. The essay can also focus on the shifts in perceptions in the two generation and the reasons which cause them. The students can explain the grounds which gives rise to the generation gap. They can also provide their perspective on the attitude of young generation on age old customs and traditions and their reservation on adapting to them.

The second last question is based on a very common and sensitive topic of pollution. It is a vast topic and has more than a decade full of information, briefing its menace and the effects it has on everyday life. Student can describe the various types of pollution existing and their effects on the environment and society. The diseases which are a result of pollution can be highlighted. They can put forward the strategies to fight pollution, which are realistic and can be helpful. One of the prompts also allows writing on the issue of global warming and the effects it has brought to this world.

Question number five emphasizes on the career related issues of the people. The essay prompts provide a wide playground for the students to play on and produce their master pieces. Students can provide the basic points which should be considered when pursuing a career. They can also give the main ingredients, which form an essential part of the career planning process. A given prompt also allows them to put emphasis on the impacts of taking a wrong career decision and the failure it can bring to the life of an individual.

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