Stat Test Preparation for University Entrance Exam
Stat Test Preparation for University Entrance Exam
Stat Test Preparation for University Entrance Exam
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What are the topics which will be covered?

Once you sign-up for the complete UniReady program, you'll receive materials covering both the Multiple choice exam and the Written exam. You'll be instructed through almost everything related to the STAT, including what to expect on your exam day, the best way to prepare in record time, multiple sample exams, essay samples to use as a template and many more.

In what format are these materials?

All of the materials are in digital form, usable on your internet connected computer or device (like your iPod, iPad, PDA or phone). Some of the materials are in Adobe PDF format, readable by most electronic devices and which can be printed with ease. In order to access this platform, you'll need a permanent internet connection.

Do I need to take both courses?

That depends on the university you'll attend. Most universities (like the University of Notre Dame, Sydney) require both the multiple choice exam and the written one. However, please go to the website of the university you want to attend and find out the requirements.

What does it cost?

The UniReady programs are divided into three programs. These are based on your requirements for the university you want to attend. You can get training in either the multiple choice exam ($97), the written exam ($97) or both. If you choose to train for both, you'll pay less for the two programs combined.

How many sessions will I get for my money?

Once you order the UniReady program and you will receive a username and password, then you will be a client for 12 months. You can quit at any time, but no matter how much you want to use our online platform, you won't be charged anything extra.

If you've lost your welcome materials, then you can download them again at any time free of charge. Because both of the exams are critical to your success, and despite popular beliefs, the multiple choice exam isn't easier than the written one; both are suggested if you want a high STAT score.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes. If after using the UniReady program for at least 21 days you've failed to pass the STAT exam, please email me in two months or less after you've made your payment (59 days) and I'll refund your every cent, no questions asked.

Also, if you've decided not to take the STAT or you are not satisfied with the feedback from your first two essays, the same terms apply.

To make this deal even a little better, you can keep all the bonuses received so far, only your online access will be stopped.

How do I register right away?

To start using the UniReady programs in the next five minutes. Please click the order link above based on the program you want to use (multiple choice, written or both).

After your payment data is verified, you'll receive a confirmation email and your login data within just a few minutes.

Because there are heavy traffic spikes, please allow a few second for the page to load.


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